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Welcome to COTHÚ – our online program for professionals who wish to become licensed parenting course providers.

COTHÚ (pronounced ka-hoo), Irish for nurture, is a unique neurodiversity-affirming alternative to EarlyBird and Cygnet, designed and delivered by our award-winning trainers who are Autistic themselves


Cothú offers parents a different view of their child, a very human view. It is full of practical tools, exercises and opportunities for growth and relationship building. We will give you everything you need to deliver this empowering course in person to parents of Autistic children and teens. 



IACP CPD recognised and awarded 13.5 CPD points.

Course Overview

Course dates & times


course A: Saturday Sept 7th, 14th and 21st 4pm to 8.30pm (Irish Summer Time/ UTC+1)

course B: Saturday October 12th, 19th and 26th 7.30am to 11.30am  (Irish  Time)

Based outside of Ireland? Convert your time zone.

Please note: Anyone around the globe is welcome to attend any of the courses if the time suits you.

All sessions take place online on Zoom.

Pricing Structure

Individual practitioners & small teams:

€1,150 or AUD1,940* if you will be delivering this course to parents free of charge

€2,950 or AUD4,975* if you will be charging parents


*Estimated price in AUD as exchange rates are subject to change

Payment plans are available at no extra cost, just contact us!


License renewal upon 2 years:

€450 when providing it for free to parents 

€1150 when charging parents for the course 

Large teams

Contact us to book dates that suit you 

(in-person options available in Ireland, or online worldwide; 2-3 training days)

Up to 16 people: €15,200

Up to 25 people: €22,500

Licensing & Support

Course fees include:
Fidelity Checks
2-year licence to deliver Cothú
All materials, videos, handouts, scripts needed to deliver the course ready to go
Mentoring from AUsome Training on first delivery to parents
Feedback session with AUsome Training after delivery to parents
Tailored marketing advice

2yr Licence renewal with 2-3 hours webinar training available

Ready to nurture Autistic families?

Cothú is a Train-the-Trainer Course available for private or public practice. Ideal for diagnostic teams, counsellors, social workers and other professionals who want to start parents on the right track after identification of their Autistic child.


The parent course is then delivered by you or your team as a 5-week course of 2 hours per week. 

  • We are dedicated to changing the lives of Autistic people young and old for the better. This is our mission.

  • We advocate for the rights of Autistics as well as offering training to those who want to be part of this positive change and neuro-revolution.

  • We offer materials of the highest quality by design and content.

  • Our content is aligned with the values of the Neurodiversity paradigm and the most current research.

  • We are opposed to ABA and all of its derivatives and offer much better solutions than these abusive approaches.

  • Our after care service will ensure that your team are supported every step of the way.

  • By choosing Cothú you have the peace of mind to know you are giving parents and their children the very best start

By becoming a licensed Cothú Trainer, you join our network and directory of neuro-affirming practitioners.


We are inundated with requests from parents who are desperately looking for support. We have created this network so that we can direct them to neuro-affirming providers, knowing that they will receive the best support.


We will provide you with everything you need to deliver a parenting course that changes families’ lives, including advice on how to market your course. 

Sign up for the lower priced package and you can upgrade if you decide to charge parents for the course 

The Autistic population is diverse and Cothú caters for this diversity. Our course focuses on the role of the parent and is therefore suitable for all parents whether the child is non-speaking, has a label of Intellectual Disability, or is Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, Apraxic etc.

Cothú especially highlights the importance of access to AAC for non-speaking Autistic children.

Parents will get an insight into the challenges Autistic children face in the social and physical environment and learn strategies to support their child to advocate for their needs


Parents will be relieved of the myths and discriminatory ideas around autism and given instead a fresh outlook on Neurodiversity and the Autistic way of being. 


The aim of Cothú is to support parents so that they in turn can support their Autistic children to be their authentic selves.


Cothú will help parents to enjoy relationships with their children and family life through acceptance and understanding which is not offered by any other courses.


Unfortunately, there is a shortage of practitioners who use truly Neurodiversity-affirming approaches.


Finding a neurodiversity-affirming professional can make all the difference to an Autistic child and their family. You might be the first person to ever truly validate your client as their Autistic self and support them on their journey to self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-care.


Our post-course directory is designed to connect potential clients with neuro-affirming practitioners like yourself.

Your journey with us doesn’t end there! 


Our views on the Autistic experience evolve constantly, which is why it is vital that we continue to listen and learn from the Autistic community.


Here are some ways you can stay connected:

License renewal upon 2 years:

€450 when providing it for free to parents 

€1150 when charging parents for the course 


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