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Autistic people are actually really good at processing change

Autistic people experience adversity to change. We find it hard to handle …

Rejection Sensitivity

As Autistics and ADHDers, our experience of rejection can be debilitating, both physically and emotionally

85% of Autistics have Intellectual Disability

The Autistic – Intellectual Disability interface by Stiof MacAmhalghaidh There is, still, a widespread …

Being Autistic isn’t a tragedy. We’ve been saying this from day one. …

How do I deal with hurt or disappointment?

Not necessarily a New Years resolution but just another progression in letting …

Shame & Rejection: The Autistic Experience

A universal Autistic experience that is rarely talked about: Shame and Rejection. …

Unconscious Bias What exactly is it?

Unconscious Bias- what is it?

When I explain that we all have unconscious bias about disability and …

ABA: What does the research say? 

The two-year study included 3794 participants who had received at least 18 months of ABA services. This makes it not only the largest study on the effectiveness of ABA, but also the *only* large-scale test of ABA. The number of hours of ABA did not increase its effectiveness

Coping with autism

Teachers blame the system. Primary care and disability teams blame the system …



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