Autism training for parents who are new to autism

Before you embark in our autism training for parents, for those of you who are new to the Autistic Community I just want to give you a bit of background: The Autistic Community have been getting together since 90s mainly online. They have been educating parents and professionals, campaigning against harmful treatments and therapies and spreading much needed awareness on how being Autistic has been misunderstood for almost a century. Many Autistic adults are working in professional fields, and working with professionals to create better research and better understanding.

The community is a few decades behind where LGBTQ + community is in terms of acceptance and being listened to. But our plight is really just the same. We seek to question what has been said about us based on research and ideas which did not include us. We strive for a world that sees us as equals rather than people who have deficits and need to be fixed. Our autism training for parents incorporates the most recent research and developments in the field of autism.

I know for you it’s been a tough journey to diagnosis, stressful and emotional I’m sure at times. At AUsome we’re committed to giving you a healing hug. Allowing you to leave all of that behind and start your journey to understanding your child, building on your already caring relationships. AUsome autism training for parents are about nurturing understanding. You may hear some things during the courses that might make you doubt something you’ve already been told. You may feel that some of what we say conflicts the tragedy narrative you’ve been given about your child. That’s a natural part of the change we are working towards.

We will not underestimate your child but show you that all the limits placed on your child through the deficit model are based in falsehoods and inaccurate assumptions about Autistic people. If you learn something that makes you feel like you made a wrong decision along the way then give yourself a break. Give yourself a gentle hug. We are all trying and none of us get it right all of the time. Our kids know that too and they know they are loved. Some of you may learn things in our autism training for parents that might spark a journey for your own self , as well as that of your child. It’s quite common for parents of Autistic children to be Autistic too. So if our autism training for parents concretes your own suspicions or sparks that line of thinking for you then congratulations! And Congratulations to all of you for having wonderfully Autistic children.

At AUsome Training we celebrate their way of being, offer you a new perspective, a more balanced perspective than you may have been given by others. You may be searching for ways you tell your child. They will already know they’re different in some ways so start with the fact that each of us is different anyway and they are different because they feel the deep connection with the world and everyone and everything in it. Some of you will be thinking about how you can break the news to family and friends: my advise is to celebrate this new discovery, celebrate this new knowing that you now have about your amazingly and beautifully Autistic child. If others aren’t ready to celebrate this exciting step in your journey then know it’s because they do not fully understand. They too must learn to accept difference and open their hearts to new possibilities. But that takes time. Patience will serve you better than despair in the long run.Focus on you and your family. Focus on getting that right. Focus on building strong relationships and understanding and when others see these bonds then they will follow. There is nothing to pity about our way of existing. Our way of connecting to the world is a thing of real beauty, often misunderstood. We hope to share that with you today and we hope you too will find joy in our AUsome way of experiencing this world.

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