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For professionals who support Autistic children & teens

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Welcome to LEANBH – our online program for professionals who support Autistic children in a clinical or educational setting.

LEANBH (pronounced lah-nuv), Irish for child, is a unique neurodiversity-affirming approach, designed and delivered by our award-winning trainers who are Autistic themselvesIt offers participants practical skills training, a strong theoretical overview, and ongoing community mentoring. 


Prepare to be moved, inspired and challenged as we navigate the complexities of Autistic childhood together. Completion of this 5-day program will equip you to create a Neurodiversity-affirming practice and approach to supporting your young Autistic clients and their families. 


Places are strictly limited to 25 participants, so early booking is advised.

IACP CPD recognised and awarded 22 CPD points.

Ready to Neurodiversify your practice?

Leanbh is ideal for helping professionals such as OTs, SLTs, Play Therapists, Psychologists, SENCos, Career Guidance Counsellors, Youth Workers and other professionals who work with minors in a therapeutic, educational or clinical setting.

Participants who complete this 5-day course will gain skills and strategies to deeply understand and meet the needs of their Autistic clients.

  • Learn about early childhood, dependency and discovery through an Autistic lens.
  • Discover the commonality of trauma and anxiety as Autistic experiences, and understand their causes and remedies.
  • Gain insight into the variation of Autistic sensory experience.
  • Understand Autistic stimming from an Autistic perspective as part of the diversity of human stimming.
  • Gain root cause analysis techniques so that you can meet your clients needs effectively and ethically.

This Programme will be facilitated online via Zoom.



Choice between a presentation or an essay on your Individual Learning Summary based on your Reflective Learning Journal. Accommodations are available.

Families face long waiting lists everywhere desperate for genuine support and understanding.


Unfortunately, there is a shortage of practitioners who use truly Neurodiversity-affirming approaches.


Finding a neurodiversity-affirming professional can make all the difference to an Autistic child and their family. You might be the first person to ever truly validate your client as their Autistic self and support them on their journey to self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-care.


Our post-course directory is designed to connect potential clients with neuro-affirming practitioners like yourself.

Your journey with us doesn’t end there! 


Our views on the Autistic experience evolve constantly, which is why it is vital that we continue to listen and learn from the Autistic community.


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