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An AUsome Story

Our story began in 2017 to create autism training designed and delivered by people who are Autistic themselves. Autistic-led training educates people on the realities of being Autistic. Our autism courses  demystify the harmful myths that surround the Autistic existence. Autistic people are shrouded in myths and stigmas. We aim to educate where there is a gap in understanding so that we can remove the stigma.

Autistic-led Autism Training 

AUsome Training is an Autistic-led organisation. This means that it is run by Autistic people. We are dedicated to creating a better world and writing a better story for Autistic people young and old. In addition to our training we have ran many events over our three years to raise positivity and genuine awareness. AUsome organised many events to feature and elevate Autistic voices. Our message has reached thousands of parents, teachers, employers, therapist and other professionals.

Making History 

One of the highlights of our story so far took place in 2019.  We hosted Ireland’s first ever All-Autistic Conference in Cork. It was the first time that an autism conference featured only Autistic presenters. We had speakers from US, UK and and Ireland. It was attended by 350 people and another 5,000 online viewers. It was an important turning point.

Progressive Thinking on Autism

Because most autism conferences and events do not centre Autistic thinking audiences are left with inaccurate ideas. The result of this can mean mistreatment and harm for Autistic children and adults. We do not offer out-dated ideas. At AUsome Training we offer you the most progressive ideas. And we regularly collaborate with other Autistic trainers to ensure our training is of the highest quality. These trainers are speakers, authors, professionals, activists and advocates. Most importantly we create autism training opportunities where Autistic people can educate others.

Through webinars, live talks, training and articles we “unteach” people the ideas they have around autism and teach them the realities.

How it all began…

AUsome Training was created by Evaleen Whelton.  Evaleen made the wonderful discovery that she is autistic in 2014 at the age of 37. She realised very quickly that the information she was getting from autism “experts’ was in contradiction with the Autistic Community. Since then she has been advocating for positive change for Autistic people in Ireland and around the globe.

As an trainer Evaleen concentrated her efforts in raising appreciation for Autistic thinking. She designs and delivers educational workshops as well as collaborating . She set about her journey to normalise the perception of Autism in the wider community.  As well as writing articles, organising conferences and talks on various topics relating to autism, Evaleen has developed many programs to train others with the most current thinking around autism.

She believes there must be an arena for an open , frank and honest discussion around autism with autistic people at its very core.

Above all, AUsome Training is a starting point for much needed positive change. AUsome Training puts Autistic people at the centre of our autism training.


Meet Evaleen

AUsome Ireland was created by Evaleen Whelton. Evaleen made the wonderful discovery that she is autistic in 2014 at the age of 37. Since then she has been advocating for positive change for Autistic people in Ireland and around the globe.

Evaleen, author of autism and social skills series


Meet Becky

After a lifetime of knowing she was different but not knowing why, she discovered she was Autistic and ADHD aged 27. She found this knowledge empowered her to follow her passions - including learning about Neurodivergence from a trauma-informed perspective, self-advocacy, and supporting others on similar journeys. Formerly, the owner of a small bakery business with a degree in Biomedical Science, she loves learning new skills. Her favourite things are crafting and sharing her knowledge and creations with the world. She also loves a good cup of tea!


Meet Joana

Joana helps us share all our exciting news and advocacy work on social media. Originally from Germany, she has been living in Ireland since 2015. She made the lucky discovery that she was Autistic,ADHD and Apraxic at the age of 30. As co-founder of Neuro Pride Ireland, she is passionate about creating neuro-affirming communities, writing for educational purposes, and everyday design. Joana is an experienced EFL teacher and holds a BA in Political Science, an MA in Intercultural Communication, and a Certificate in Digital Market


Meet Stiof

Stiof MacAMhalghaidh

Stiof MacAmhalghaigh is our Subject Matter Expert at AUSome Training. Stiof is an Autistic theorist, trainer and campaigner with decades of experience supporting neurodivergent students. Self-identified as Autistic at 12, they gained clinical confirmation at 30. Stiof has worked on developing a comprehensive Autistic-oriented theory of Autistic living for over a decade, publishing, presenting and training on this work internationally via conferences, Autistic Union, and most recently through their Infinite Diversity blog and Ausome Training webinars