Thrive is an online whole school training package that allows you to deliver the training on days and at times that suit your busy school schedule

Once purchased you have lifetime access to Thrive 22 which means you can use it and re-use it as a training resource for your school.

Thrive 22 whole school autism course is an invaluable resource for your school and will equip you and your staff to create a Neurodiversity-affirming approach to your Autistic pupils. 

As it has been designed and delivered by Autistic trainers you will get important insights into the Autistic experience as well as expertise, advice and strategies. 

Embrace Neurodiversity and make your school Neurodiversity informed today 

Thrive Program supports you to make a truly inclusive environment in your school so that your Autistic pupils can thrive. 

The Thrive program is a whole school program which educates all school staff, peers and parents. 

Outdated concepts of autism can unfortunately create environments where Autistic pupils struggle. Autistic children have difficulty being accepted as they are, being understood and in having their needs met.

Many Autistic pupils are barely surviving school these days. We can make some very simple changes that will make a massive difference to your school and to the lives of Autistic children. 

We are also very conscious of school budgets and so all of our solutions and strategies are realistic and very easily employed. It all starts with how you understand and interact with Autistic pupils in your school. 

So let’s stop merely surviving and lets’ get thriving! 

Thrive 22 Whole School Package

Thrive online program includes:

  • 5 x 1 hour training videos for staff
  • 1 x 1 hour video for parents 
  • 1 x Include program for peers 

Staff training course content: 

  1. An introduction to Neurodiversity
  1. What autism is and is not, a look at co-occuring mental health and medical conditions.
  1. Sensory Processing
  1. Stimming: Movement and Learning
  1. Behaviour

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