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For professionals who support Autistic adults

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Welcome to DAWN – our 10-day online program for professionals who support Autistic adults in a therapeutic or clinical setting

Dawn is a unique neurodiversity-affirming approach, designed and delivered by our award-winning trainers who are Autistic themselves


You will be immersed in Autistic experiences so that you can recognise and support your clients with a sensitivity that understands the trauma experienced by our community. A combination of practical skills-based training, a strong theoretical overview, and ongoing community mentoring will help you support your clients in the most effective and ethical way.


Places are strictly limited to 25 participants, so early booking is advised.

IACP CPD recognised and awarded 60 CPD points.


Course Overview

Course length

10 days over 6 months, running from 10am-5pm Irish Time each day 

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Course dates

2024/2025 dates: Sat 12 Oct | Sun 20 Oct | Sat 9 Nov | Sat 30 Nov | Sun 8 Dec 2024

 Sat 11 Jan | Sat 25 Jan | Sun 9 Feb | Sat 22 Feb | Sat 8 March 2025

All sessions take place online on Zoom.

Course costs

Full fee: €1,250.

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Payment plans are available at no extra cost, just contact us!

Ready to Neurodiversify your practice?

Dawn is ideal for helping professionals such as Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, GPs, Nurses, Coaches, Play Therapists, Art Therapists, Drama and Music or Dance Therapists who work with adult clients in a therapeutic or clinical setting.

Participants who complete this 10-day course will gain skills and strategies to deeply understand and meet the needs of their Autistic clients.

  • Create a trauma-informed, neurodiversity-affirming workspace, communication style & therapeutic approach for your Neurodivergent clients.
  • Learn how to recognise Autistic people beyond the narrow confines of the medical model.
  • Become competent in supporting your clients through unmasking, late discovery, trauma, dealing with exclusion, addiction, low self-esteem and accompany them on their complex healing journey.
  • Learn to collaboratively identify relevant & realistic therapy goals.
  • Join our directory & community of like-minded professionals for continuous development & support.

This Programme will be facilitated online via Zoom.



Choice between a presentation or an essay on your Individual Learning Summary based on your Reflective Learning Journal. Accommodations are available.

There is currently a massive increase in adults either realising they are Autistic or being diagnosed as Autistic.


Growing up not knowing we are Autistic can take its toll on our mental health and overall wellbeing. Finding out we are Autistic brings a healing in itself. 


Whether we are late-identified, unidentified, or identified as children: We often need significant support in building self-esteem, dealing with anxiety, trauma and a host of mental health and identity issues.


Unfortunately, there is a shortage of helping professionals who use Neurodiversity-affirming approaches towards Autistic adults.


Finding a neurodiversity-affirming therapist can make all the difference to an Autistic adult and their recovery. You might be the first person to ever truly recognise and validate your client as their Autistic self.


Our post-course directory is designed to connect potential clients with neuro-affirming practitioners like yourself.

Your journey with us doesn’t end there! 


Our views on the Autistic experience evolve constantly, which is why it is vital that we continue to listen and learn from the Autistic community.


Here are some ways you can stay connected:

Missed Time policy

1. If someone is going to be missing a day or part of a day, we will record the session(s) they are missing so that they can watch the recording and write up a 1,000-word summary of their understanding of the issues covered.

The recording is only made available to the participant(s) who have missed the time.


2. No more than a total of 1.5 days out of the whole course can be missed and compensated for in this way. Any further days missed have to be attended next time the course is run, in order to complete the course.


3. Day 8 (Demo and Skills Practice) must be attended in person, because there is no real learning benefit from listening to a recording of other people doing skills practice. 

If more than half of this day is missed, it has to be attended next time the course is run, in order to complete the course.


4. If Day 10 (Presentation of Individual Learning Summary) is missed, one of the course trainers can make an individual arrangement for making the presentation (but a fee is payable for the trainer’s time). 


5. Days 8 and 10 are not recorded, because participants are in “individual performance” mode. 

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