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For professionals working with Autistic kids & teens

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Welcome to GET KONNECTED – our online program for professionals who support Autistic kids and teens socially.

GET KONNECTED is a unique neurodiversity-affirming answer to all the harmful & outdated social skills programs out there, designed and delivered by our award-winning trainers who are Autistic themselves. This course supports you to take a holistic and child-centred approach. 


A 5-day collaborative deep dive where we learn from each other and gain insights into the social experiences of Autistic kids and teens.

By exploring communication through Evaleen’s Six S’s of Social Interaction together we can find new ways to support our young clients.


Places are strictly limited to 25 participants, so early booking is advised.

Choose from 2 time zones: Europe (UTC+1-Dublin) and Australia (UTC+10-Melbourne).

Course Overview

Course length

5 days over 3 months, running from 10am-5pm UTC+1 (for Europe) or UTC+10 (for Australia/NZ) each day.

Convert to your time zone.

Course dates

EU / UK / US-friendly times: 

Fri 22 March | 5 April | 12 April | 3 May | 10 May

AUSTRALIA /NZ-friendly times:

9 March | 23 March | 20 April | 28 April | 9 May 2024

Please note: Anyone around the globe is welcome to attend any of the courses if the time suits you.

All sessions take place online on Zoom.

Course costs

Full fee: €745 or $1,250AUD*

*Estimated price as exchange rates are subject to change

Go to our product page and use the converter at the top to see how much it is in your currency.

Payment plans are available at no extra cost, just contact us!

Ready to support Autistic kids socially?

Get Konnected is open to qualified practitioners such as SLTs, SLPs, OTs, Play/ Music/ Drama Therapists, Psychologists, Social/ Youth Workers, Teachers (or similar helping professions).

Get Konnected shows you how to support authenticity in your clients. 

We will give you all the resources to design curricula around: 

  • Welcoming kids to group sessions & peer inclusion
  • Boundaries and conflict resolution 
  • Dealing with rejection & people pleasing
  • Asking for help 
  • Self-acceptance, self-advocacy & self-care
  • Stimming and SPINs
  • Challenging neuro-conformative goals & autism myths
  • Understanding Autistic thinking 
  • Intense sensory  experiences & growing up sensitive
  • Parental resources
  • and more… 

This Programme will be facilitated online via Zoom.


Group presentation or individual presentation. Participants will create a 6 week plan based on a case study. We are happy to accommodate your assessment needs.

Benefit from over 20 years of professional experience working with children:

  • Run neuro-affirming and trauma-informed groups or 1-to-1s
  • Cut down on prep and learning time – we have it all for you ready to go
  • Develop flexible curricula tailored to meet your client’s needs
  • Learn how to support parental learning 
  • Develop innovative approaches to change your clients’ social worlds 

Unlike neuro-conformative social skills programs, your clients will feel validated as their Autistic selves and believe in their own abilities:

  • Feel understood, supported and safe
  • Take their lead from you in relation to self-acceptance & self-advocacy
  • Get the individualised attention they deserve
  • Enjoy better acceptance and support from their parents and social world
  • Learn and develop skills at their own pace
  • Have a positive outlook instead of anxiety and depression 

Your journey with us doesn’t end there! 


Our views on the Autistic experience evolve constantly, which is why it is vital that we continue to listen and learn from the Autistic community.


Here are some ways you can stay connected:

Missed Time policy

1. If someone is going to be missing a day or part of a day, we will record the session(s) they are missing so that they can watch the recording and write up a 1,000-word summary of their understanding of the issues covered.

The recording is only made available to the participant(s) who have missed the time.

2. No more than a total of 1 day out of the whole course can be missed and compensated for in this way. Any further days missed have to be attended next time the course is run, in order to complete the course.



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