Autism Training for Professionals working with adults
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For professionals working with Autistic children & teens
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This course is IACP recognised- 13.5 CPD points


Cothú is the Irish word for ‘nurture’. We chose this word because this is really what Autistic children need, just like all children, – to be nurtured and accepted. Our Cothú program is designed to support parents and carers to nurture their Autistic child after the diagnostic process and beyond.

We will train your team to deliver this neuro-affirming program to parents of newly identified Autistic children which will support them to parent their child in ways that are respectful to them and their neurotype. 

Cothú is an easy to deliver, ready- to- go course with weekly plans and all the content and materials you need at your fingertips. No need for extra planning or editing. 

Neurodiversity-affirming means that we offer you advice and information that is highly respectful of Autistic children’s neurotype and that is because we too are Autistic!

With so much information on autism it can be hard to know where to go and who to trust.

We understand that this can be overwhelming for parents and we have designed this course so that your team can train parents so that they  can get on with parenting and enjoying their relationship with their child. 

Is Cothú suitable for parents of Autistic children with Intellectual Disability? A common question and one that takes precedence over other intersectionalities for some reason. The Autistic population is diverse and Cothú caters for this diversity. Our course focuses on the role of the parent and is therefore suitable for all parents whether the child is Autistic and Deaf, Autistic and diabetic, Autistic with a label of ID, Autistic and EDS, Autistic and Apraxic, Autistic, Dyslexic and Dyspraxic and so on- the messages for the parent are the same. Dividing parents of Autistic children into further subgroups goes against the ethos of Cothú and the work we do at AUsome Training. If you’d like more clarity on ID then click here to read more 

100% parents would recommend Cothu

What is Cothú Parents Program?

Cothú is a Train the Trainer Course for diagnostic teams, social workers and other professionals supporting parents of Autistic children who are looking for a neuro-affirming course to deliver to those parents to start them on the right track after identification of their child. The parent course is then delivered by your team as a 5 week course of 2 hours per week. 

The Team Training

We will deliver training in AUsome ethos, methods, ideologies and train professionals to deliver the course to parent groups of up to 12 people.

All course materials, slides, pdfs are provided so you can concentrate on building that connection with parents and your supportive role in delivering neuro-affirming content. 

Training Pathway

We are finding that levels of knowledge on neuro-affirming approaches and Autistic content vary vastly in teams depending on previous exposure to Autistic Culture and so we have added more content so our pathway to training now looks like this:
( Pricing remains the same) 
 Induction day – 6 hour self-led online training so that everyone is on the same page before being trained in Cothú . At this stage we look at the history of autism, problematic theories and research, the exclusion of Autistics, Autistic rights, trauma and neuro-affirming approaches.
This is followed by assessment so that we can be sure everyone understands our rights based approach and will be able to deliver Cothú as it is intended. 
Upon successful completion trainers can then move onto be trained in delivering the Cothú Program itself. Online and offline options are below: 
In Person Training 
Day 1: 9am to 5pm 
Day 2: 9am to 5pm 
3 x 4.5 hr sessions 

Training Delivery 

Can be delivered online to any team in the world or offline if your team is based in  Ireland 

* Please note that in person training is currently only available in Ireland 

Based outside Ireland? Click here for time zone converter.

*Private COTHÚ is now being offered in Australia – please click below for more info including dates and times*

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Licensing and Support

Fidelity Checks

Mentoring from AUsome Training on first delivery to parents. 

Feedback session with AUsome Training after delivery to parents.

2yr License with 2 x 4 hours training on renewal – €850 pp

Pricing Structure for Teams

Up to 16 People
Up to 25 People

*Please contact us for payment plan options

Please pop your name here and your details below and one of our AUsome Team will get back to you ASAP
Please ask your questions here and we'll email you back really soon!

What can you expect from our autism training for parents?

Parents will get an insight into the challenges Autistic children face in the social and physical environment and learn strategies  to  support their child to advocate for their needs. 

Parents will be relieved of the myths and discriminatory ideas around autism and given instead a fresh outlook on Neurodiversity and the Autistic way of being. 

The aim of Cothú is to support parents so that they in turn can support their Autistic children to be their authentic selves.

Cothú will help parents to enjoy relationships with their children and family life through Acceptance and Understanding which is not offered by any other courses. 



  1. Raising a happy, authentic Autistic child

     2. How to Parent Autistically 

  1. Autistic Communication and Social Skills – how to interpret your Autistic child and to adapt your own communication
  1. Highlight the importance of access to AAC for non-speaking Autistics 

     5. Sharing your child’s  identity with                them and others

  1. Ways to encourage inclusion and acceptance in the school environment
  1. The sensory environment
  1. Supporting your child to advocate for themselves

Why choose Cothú?

  1. We’re Autistic-led 

     2. We’re neuro-affirming

     3. We celebrate Neurodiversity 

     4. Rights-based approach 

     5. Most up to date course available

    6. Strength’s based approach 

    7. Award-winning trainers

    8. Trauma- informed 

What can you expect from working with us?

We are dedicated to changing the lives of Autistic people young and old for the better. This is our mission. 

We advocate for the rights of Autistics as well as offering training to those who want to be part of this positive change.

We offer materials of the highest quality by design and content. 

Our content is aligned with the values of Neurodiversity and the most current research. 

We are opposed to ABA and all of its derivatives and offer much better solutions than these abusive approaches. 

Our after care service will ensure that your team are supported  every step of the way.

By choosing Cothú you have the peace of mind to know you are giving parents and their children the very best start.