Boundaries and Beliefs Webinar

Where?: Zoom

When?: Wed 24th July, 7-9pm Irish Standard Time

Cost: €10 non-members and Free for Members*


Recording Included? Yes, if you can’t make the webinar live you’ll be sent the recording


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$ 10.81

Why is it so many of us Autistic adults struggle with setting boundaries, engage in people please behaviour and hold false beliefs about ourselves? Evaleen discusses this and offers some tips on overcoming the ideas that the world has taught us from a young age.

In this 2 hour session we will look at:

  • The trauma of growing up rejected
  • Autistic Specific Experiences
  • Low confidence
  • Conflict Avoidance
  • Recovery- The boundary diet

This session is ideal for Autistic adults, families and those who work with or support us



The world responds to Autistics in a way that is different to people who are not Autistic

These Autistic specific social experiences shape us and the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world we live in
These experiences also effect how we interact with others, they impact our boundaries, our self esteem and our abilities to define our own needs
  • We can often rely on others to decide for us what our boundaries are.
  • We may be accused of seeking attention or procrastinating
  • We may isolate ourselves as a way to protect ourselves – which ends up hurting us too.
  • We might seek constant validation
  • Some of us might put urselves in danger


If we don’t look after ourselves, say no to things that eat up our energy and have poor boundaries then we end up in burn out or living on its borders
I’ll be discussing all this and more at my webinar 7-9pm Wed 24th July ( recording included if you can’t make it live)- and of course, as always, what we can do to have better lives