Autism and Anxiety

Who is this course for? 

  • An ideal course for parents who want to learn how to support their anxious child
  • Teachers and teaching assistants who want to gain an understanding of anxious behaviours
  • Practitioners who want to support their clients with anxiety
  • Autistic adults who want to explore more about their mental health


Content: 1 hours 52 mins video 


Autism and Anxiety

Evaleen from AUsome Training is joined by psychotherapist, Eoin Stephens and author Jude Morrow. Jude is author of “Why Does Daddy Always Look So Sad”. These three speakers give you an in-depth insight into their own experiences and the shared experiences of many Autistic people . We look at how our environment leads to high levels of anxiety in Autistic kids and adults. We explore ways to cope with and minimise these levels. But we also explore the environmental changes which are needed so that Autistic people can have better mental health.

Autistics are disproportionately at risk of suffering from anxiety than the general population. In this course we share insights on how living in the world as “different” impacts our self esteem and wellbeing. Our trainers draw on their own experiences as well as research to explore why Autistic children and adults experience such high levels of anxiety. We are all products of our environments and so we must look at how the social environment responds to Autistics. Autistics are often classes as “odd” or “weird”. We often experience bullying and all of this impacts how we  feel.

Eoin offers information on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and  stresses the importance of having “autism informed” therapies. He also looks at social anxiety and its root causes and ways we develop to cope. 

Jude shares some of his experiences from his book “Why Does Daddy Always Look so Sad”. He shares a little bit about his own experiences with intense anxiety and his own journey to self-acceptance. 

Evaleen breaks down the relationship between anxiety, depression and trauma. She emphasises the need for more Acceptance of Autistic ways. 

Length: 1 hours 52 mins. Once you purchase the webinar it will be available in your account to watch and to re-watch in your personalised AUsome account