Best Strategies for Supporting Autistic Kids and Teens Socially Course

This on-demand course is ideal for parents and carers of Autistic children and teens. It would also be vital for helping professionals, including Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Psychologists, SENCo’s and Career Guidance Counsellors, SNAs, Teachers and other professionals working in a therapeutic, clinical or educational setting.

Duration: 2 hours

Once you complete this on-demand course you will receive a certificate of completion!

$ 16.21

How do we best support Autistic children and teens socially? A question Evaleen Whelton has spent the past 8 years exploring and answering with her range of neuro-affirming books for Autistic kids and teens. Evaleen books and courses are internationally acclaimed and her books were the very first to be recommended by the International Organisation – Therapist Neurodiversity Collective  as a perfect alternative to social skills training.


In this 2 hour course Evaleen will explore:

  • What do we know about autism in 2023?
  • And why doesn’t everyone know this!
  • What do we know about Autistic social skills?
  • How do we best support Autistic kids and teens now knowing that Autistic people have a slightly different way of communicating.
  • How can we remove social barriers for Autistic kids and teens?


Evaleen has worked with kids and teens for over 20 years. In her work as a speech and drama teacher Evaleen has always been interested in building kids esteem and supporting kids to be themselves. Since making the discovery that she herself was Autistic in 2014 she has focused her passion and attention on supporting Autistic kids and young people to be the very best versions of themselves and to be themselves unapologetically. Her work centres the rights and dignity of Autistics and she has a deep understanding of the issues that face young Autistics in their social world and much of the work she does is to break down these social barriers for Autistics young and old.


Evaleen is heavily involved in the Autistic Community in Ireland and on an international level. Her work is driven by her vision of the world- a world where everyone is valued and treated with respect and dignity- A world where Autistic kids are not pathologised and our ways are better understood, accepted and celebrated.

Evaleen has a wonderful way of breaking down complex topics into everyday speak and making learning accessible to everyone.

If you haven’t taken an AUsome course before- here’s what you can expect:

Client Testimonial

“You know, it’s not very often I’m lost for words… I was totally blown away by the magic that happened in the room on Tuesday. I had such a glow and warmth inside me afterwards. And, I know I wasn’t the only one. You have such amazing skill in both guiding and enlightening a session, and a group of participants, yet also being part of the conversation. Your ability to put everyone at ease is inspiring. Creating that nurturing space where everyone feels safe in a two hour session is in itself a gift and a talent. Ye are some woman Evaleen and we are so grateful to you for your honesty and sharing with us your immense knowledge and skill. The session felt like a really important day, turning point and lightbulb moment for so many. It was magical. You gave people permission to take back their power and that was evidently clear both during and afterwards, going by the outpourings of gratitude and feedback from our group of participants. A massive thank you Evaleen for another phenomenal session. Can’t wait to welcome you back again!”

Autistic Collective, UK
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