Minding Autistic Minds Conference – Day 1 & 2

This is a recording Minding Autistic Minds Conference 2024 Day 1 & Day 2– a vital conference on Autistic mental health


2 days of neuro-affirming talks recorded from the Osprey Hotel in Naas on the 24th/25th of April 2024.


Includes 7 hours video and presenter slides for both days


Day 1: Supporting Autistic adults


Day 2: Supporting Autistic children & teens

Kieran Rose, author and researcher on Autistic Masking


Siobhan Ui Dhailigh – Autistic teacher


Elaine McGreevy- Neuro-affirmative Speech and Language Therapist


Katie Kerley – Neurodivergent Occupational Therapist


Caoimh Connolly Murphy- non-speaking Autistic advocate who communicates through S2C (Spell to Communicate)


Jessica K Doyle – Exploring Perception: Sensory is so much more than you think it is


Max Whelan- Lived experience by member of the non-speaking community


 Did you know that…

… 80% of Autistics struggle with anxiety?
… 60% of Autistics are affected by depression? … 36% of Autistics meet the criteria for PTSD?

Our community is in crisis. Be part of the solution!

Together, let’s tackle the mental health crisis faced by Autistic adults and children.

Autistic mental health is the critical topic of discussion in this course. During our neuro-affirming talks, we will highlight the need for significant improvements in services, schools, colleges and workplaces. Learn how you can make a significant difference in Autistic people’s lives today.

This is course is a recording of our Minding Autistic Minds Conference which took place April 2024

This course is designed for professionals who support Autistic adults: from (mental) health professionals and educators to HR personnel and social workers, this conference is tailored to address the pressing issue of Autistic mental health and well-being. Gain first-hand insights and a practical skillset.

It would also be helpful to Autistic adults who want to learn more about themselves and parents of Autistic adults also.