Building Autistic Integrity in Autistic Kids and Teens

This is part one of a  two-part webinar series in collaboration with Harry Thompson PDA Extraordinaire

Ideal for Autistic people, parents, carers, professionals and schools

Autistic people need to be supported to be ourselves- we need a strong sense of who we are and pride in our identities.

Part one : Building Autistic Integrity in Autistic children

Course length 2hr 40mins

Investment includes lifetime access and certificate of completion

$ 37.83

This is the first of a two-part webinar series

This first one focuses on building Autistic Integrity in Autistic kids and teens. The follow up webinar builds on what we address in this first session and focuses on building that integrity in Autistic adults.

Part one : Building Autistic Integrity in Autistic children 

Who should attend both?

If you’re an Autistic adult or someone who works with Autistic adults then it would be advisable to do the two parts as the second part builds on the experiences we have as children. Doing part one will give you a really good understanding of how our childhood experiences frame our experiences and relationships  in adulthood.

Who should attend session one?

If you are a parent or someone who works with Autistic kids and are looking for neurodiversity- affirming approaches to parenting or building professional relationships with kids or teens then this session is ideal for you.

Can I just attend part two?

As part 2 builds on part 1 it’s essential that you attend both if you are interested in learning about building integrity in Autistic adults. Part 1 lays the foundation for part 2.

Carving your way in this world with a strong sense of who you are is difficult for most kids these days. For Autistic kids it is even more difficult when conforming often means assimilation. This means Autistics are often forced into hiding their true selves away. In part one of this two part webinar Evaleen and Harry explore why Autistic children may have difficulty establishing healthy boundaries. They also look at the reasons why they may not know when or how to ask for help, give their consent and basically assert themselves.

Evaleen and Harry not only share their own experiences of growing up Autistic but also share the collective experiences of many Autistics. They explain how an environment which does not accept the Autistic way of being is damaging for many young Autistics. They explore masking and how it impacts one’s sense of self and how this continues into adulthood if no one intervenes to help the Autistic child to develop a positive sense of self.

If you’d like to see Evaleen and Harry discussing social skills then you can watch them here

Investment includes lifetime access and cert of completion

A little bit about Harry Thompson

Harry Thompson PDA

Harry Thompson is an Autistic PDA adult, he is the author of the bestselling book – PDA Paradox, a public speaker, autistic educator, PDA ambassador, consultant & self-advocate. His audiences receive invaluable insights into neurodivergent experience, often delivered with controversial humour & brutal honesty.

Harry supports parents, families, teachers, professionals as well as neurodivergent adults by offering consultations, training & talks. Harry uses his social media platforms to educate & create (sometimes controversial) conversation with the aim to create a more inclusive society. Harry is passionate about providing a platform for open conversation, where opinions are challenged (including his own), theories are shared and taboo subjects are discussed.

Harry advocates for the ND community to give them a voice, allowing them to celebrate their neurobiology and be seen as an important and much needed part of society. He regularly aims to educates his followers with a regular live interview series ‘The Naughty Autie in Conversation’ where he is joined each session by a guest speaker from the ND community to discuss important topics related to Autistic & ND experience.

Harry allows his audience to explore PDA from an insider’s perspective. From the families he works with to the schools & professionals he trains, it’s never about advice or strategies, but much more an exploration to invoke understanding. The more you understand PDA and how the mind of a PDAer operates, the closer you are to the individual – and the more those ‘strategies (whatever they are)’ will simply fall into place and become second nature.

A little bit about Evaleen Whelton

Evaleen Whelton author

Evaleen is founder of AUsome Training which provides online courses and training to businesses, schools, professional bodies, parents and professionals worldwide. Evaleen is committed to educating people about the Autistic experience. Evaleen is a mom, an author, a speech and drama teacher and business owner amongst other roles. In her advocacy she is very firm in her stance that the environment has to change rather than Autistic people.

Evaleen has written a series of helpful and empowering books for children. She sees the need the removal of harmful behavioural approaches and social skills training and the addition of trauma informed services and neurodiversity-affirming approaches to Autistic kids and adults, as well as other neurokin.