96% of past participants rated this course as EXCELLENT

For professionals working with
Autistic children & teenS

Moving your practise to a neuro-affirming place can be daunting. There is so much information on what NOT to do but not so much on what you can do instead as a professional who is invested in supporting your Autistic clients.

Get Konnected takes all that uncertainty and hard work away- we have done all the prep work and have been developing our program for the past 8 years so that you can have confidence that the strategies you learn here are the very best for your clients- exactly what you and they deserve.

You already know that Autistic children and teens do not need social skills programs where they learn neuro-conformative ways of interacting. However, they often need support in accepting themselves and in being themselves authentically. And that’s where neuro-affirmative practitioners like you can shine! 

Get Konnected shows you how to support Authenticity in your clients. 

It is a course by us and for us and not about us and that’s why it’s the very best solution for you to make that move as you abandon social skills programs and develop your neuro-affirmative practise. 


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Evaleen Whelton - social skills course for professionals

Course Dates 

Evaleen Whelton (Ireland, UK & Europe) 


Fridays: 15th & 29th Sept, 13th & 20th Oct & 10th Nov


 Times shown are in IST (Dublin)

10am to 5pm 

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Neuro-affirming Social Skills Course AEST time zone

Course Dates 

Yael Clark (Australia)

Sun 15th Oct, Sun 22nd Oct, Sat 11th Nov, Sun 19th Nov, and Sat 2nd Dec.

Times shown are in AEST (Melbourne)

10am to 5pm

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Benefits of the course

For you 

  • Be confident that your work is neuro-affirming
  • Cut down on prep and learning- we have it all summarised for you 
  • Develop flexible approaches tailor made to meet your client’s needs
  • Develop individualised curricula rather than following ready made plans that don’t always suit your clients and your needs
  • Become a registered member on AUsome Directory
  • Learn how to support parental learning 
  • Develop innovative approaches to change your clients’ social worlds 
  • Become trauma-informed 
  • Learn how to support self advocacy 

For your clients 

  • Feel understood and supported 
  • Take their lead from you in relation to self-acceptance 
  • Get the individualised attention they deserve
  • Have someone they can trust and rely on 
  • Have better support from their parents
  • Have better acceptance from their social world
  • Learn and develop skills at their own pace
  • Feel safe
  • Believe in their own abilities 
  • Have a postive outlook 

Learn how to design curricula around…..


  • Welcome kids to group sessions
  • Boundaries and Conflict Resolution 
  • Stimming and SPINs
  • Challenging neuro-confirmative goals
  • Dealing with Rejection
  • Understanding Autistic Thinking 
  • Parental resources
  • Self- Advocacy
  • Asking for help 
  • Intense Sensory  Experiences
  • Self Care and Life hacks
  • Accepting Yourself
  • Myths about autism 
  • Growing Up sensitive
  • People Pleasing 
  • and more… 

Get Konnected is informed by…..

  • Most current research
  • Experiences of the Autistic Community
  • Over 20 years Professional experience working with children
  • Personal experience
  • Feedback from Autistic children attending our courses over 8 years
  • Feedback from parents of children attending our children’s Konnect Course
  • Feedback from past participants of this course
  • Feedback from professionals using our range of books


“I did the Get Konnected workshop […] and have to say it’s hands down the best autism course I’ve ever taken, and I’ve taken quite a few. In fact it’s the only one I’d actually recommend. Fantastic!”

 – Melissa Murphy



Day 1 

  • Module 1: 

What is autism? 

How do attitudes to autism affect Autistic people? 

  • Module 2: 

Social skills training and its mental health consequences for Autistic children and teens

  • Module 3: 

The trauma Autistic kids experience

  • Module 4: 

What impacts an Autistic child’s ability to communicate 

Day 2

  • Module 5:

Differences between Autistic and neuro-conformative communication 

Social skills myths

  • Module 6 : 

Understanding Autistic Communication & Culture

  • Module 7:

The Language of Autistics

  • Module 8: 

Meeting us half way 

Changing the social environment 

Day 3

  • Module 9  : 

Teaching Your clients  about neuro-conformative language and culture  

  • Module 10 : 

Teaching us about self advocacy, boundaries and healthy relationships

  • Module 11: 

Supporting Your Autistic Clients to be themselves

  • Module 12: 

Building Confidence 

Day 4 

  • Module 13 : 

Neurodiversity-affirming resources for non-autistics

  • Module 14 and 15

 Going it alone – Creating your own resources 

Day 5

  • Module 16-20

Workshop and Assessment

Programme Structure & Fees Entry Requirement

The course is open to qualified practitioners in any professions such as Speech & Language Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Play Therapists, Music Therapists, Drama Therapists, Psychologists, Social Worker, Youth Worker (or similar profession)


5 Day Programme Commencing in Apr 2023 (AEST/Australia) and Sept 2023 (IST/UK & EU). 

Class time will run from 10am – 5.00pm each day.

Teaching Methods

This Programme will be facilitated online via Zoom.



Group Presentation and Individual Assessment 


Program Fee* 

€745 or $1,270AUD**


*Please contact us for payment plan options

**Estimated price as exchange rates are subject to change

This course runs throughout Ireland and comes highly recommended by us here at Jack & Friends for families, parents and professionals. It’s honest, insightful, fun and engaging and a wake up call to those who may have difficulty seeing beyond a child’s diagnosis.

 – Claire Desmond, Founder Jack & Friends



Evaleen Whelton - social skills course for professionals

One of the leading voices on Autistic Communication. Evaleen Whelton is founder of AUsome Training. An internationally acclaimed author on Autistic Communication, Evaleen has worked with kids and teens for over 20 years.  Her work centres on the rights and dignity of Autistics and breaking down  social barriers for Autistics young and old.




Neuro-affirming Social Skills Course AEST time zone

Yael Clark is an Autistic Educational & Developmental Psychologist .Yael provides consultancy and training to psychologists. She is on the steering committee for the AAPi neurodiversity interest group and is a former school teacher and has worked with children in schools and in therapy for over 30 years.


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We are inundated with enquiries from people looking for neuro-affirming practitioners and due to this demand we created AUsome Directory to list professionals who have successfully completed training with us. 

Once you’ve completed the course and successfully passed the assessment you or your business will be added to AUsome Network listings so people can find you easily 

“Delighted I attended this training which was delivered by such a passionate facilitator. It really opened my eyes and gave me an important insight into what it is like for an autistic person living in a non autistic environment! Wouldn’t it be fab if something like this could be ran in schools around the country to help and support staff with autistic students.. Well done Evaleen”

 – Grainne Warren, Play Therapist