Get Konnected ! For professionals working with Autistic children and teens

The program will be delivered online over zoom.

Places Strictly Limited to 25 Participants so early booking is advised.

Neuro-affirming Social Skills course for professionals


Autistic children and teens do not need social skills programs where they learn neuro-conformative ways of interacting. However they often need support in accepting themselves and in being themselves authentically. 

They may need support to advocate for their needs and their way of communicating, thinking and existing. Unfortunately this is the sad reality for many Autistic young people currently. This is what we mean by “social skills”  at AUsome Training , that is supporting Autistic kids and teens to be themselves unapologetically despite the prejudice they face. 

This 5 day course has been designed by Evaleen Whelton to equip you to support your Autistic clients in ways that are respectful of their neurotype and actually helpful. Evaleen’s books are used in clinics all around the world by professional who seek better ways to support their Autistic clients. Her book “Standing Up for Myself” recently became the very first resource to be recommended by Neurodiversity Therapist Collective. 

Since 2014 Evaleen has been creating and developing resources and programs to support Autistic kids. This course will equip you to develop your own solutions and approaches for your Autistic clients whether that’s supporting them or changing the environment around them. 

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Evaleen Whelton - social skills course for professionals

Course Dates 

with Evaleen Whelton (Ireland, UK & Europe) 

Saturdays: Sat 11th Feb, Sat 18th Feb, Sat 4th March, Sat 25th March, Sat 22nd April 

Or Fridays: Fri 23rd Feb, Fri 10th Mar, Fri 31st Mar, Fri 21st Apr, Fri 28th Apr

 Times shown are in IST (Dublin)

10am to 5pm 

Yael Clarke, Australian trainer

Course Dates 

with Yael Clarke (Australia)

Sat Feb 11th, Sun Feb 19th, Sat March 4th, Sunday March 19th and Sat April 1st

Times shown are in AEST (Melbourne)

10am to 5pm

Course Content

Day 1 

  • Module 1: 

What is autism? 

How do attitudes to autism affect Autistic people? 

  • Module 2: 

Social skills training and its mental health consequences for Autistic children and teens

  • Module 3: 

How Autistics express ourselves:

  • Module 4: 

Shared language and meaning

What is communication? 

Day 2

  • Module 5:

Differences between Autistic and neuro-conformative communication 

Social skills myths

  • Module 6 : 

Similarities between Autistic and Neuro-conformative communication 


  • Module 7:

Understanding Us: Autistic Culture 

  • Module 8: 

Meeting us half way 

Changing the social environment 

Day 3

  • Module 9  : 

Teaching us about non-autistic language and culture 

  • Module 10 : 

Teaching us about self advocacy, boundaries and healthy relationships 

  • Module 11: 

Teaching us to navigate relationships safely 

How trauma effects relationships

  • Module 12: 

Building Confidence 

Day 4 

  • Module 13 : 

Neurodiversity-affirming resources 

  • Module 14 and 15

 Going it alone – Creating your own resources 

Day 5

Workshop and Assessment 

Programme Structure & Fees Entry Requirement

The course is open to qualified practitioners in any of the professions such as Speech & Language Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Play Therapists, Music Therapists, Drama Therapists, Psychologists, Social Worker (or any similar profession). 

Applicants must have relevant professional insurance and professional supervision.


5 Day Programme Commencing in January 2023. 

Class time will run from 10am – 5.00pm each day thereafter.

Teaching Methods

This Programme will be facilitated online via Zoom.


Group Presentation and Individual Assessment 

Programme Fee 



Meet your facilitators

Evaleen Whelton - social skills course for professionals

Evaleen is founder of Konfident Kidz and AUsome Training. Evaleen has authored a series of empowering books for Autistic children. She uses her expertise as a Speech & Communications teacher as well as her experiences as an Autistic person to develop truly insightful and informative courses.  Evaleen has worked with children and teens for over 20 years

Yael Clarke, Australian trainer

Yael is an Autistic Educational & Developmental Psychologist .Yael provides consultancy and training to psychologists. She is on the steering committee for the AAPi neurodiversity interest group and is a former school teacher and has worked with children in schools and in therapy for over 30 years.

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