Autistic and ADHD

On the face of it, many characteristics of being Autistic and many of those for ADHD seem to fly in opposite directions. However, probably about a third of Autistics also are ADHD, so how does that even work? Can you really be distracted and focused, novelty-oriented and sameness-oriented, empathetic and unempathetic, creative and pedantic?

A lot of the answers lie in breaking down simple assumptions and stereotypes like those, but also in digging deeper into how and why characteristics such as these arise to start with.

By exploring questions like these, we will build a picture of how life works for ‘shiny sparkles’ (Autistic ADHDers), and how the combination can often result in some exceptional creativity along the way.

This course is ideal for Autistics suspecting they have ADHD. but would also be useful for teachers, SNAs, GPs, family members, therapists etc.

Course Length 2hrs 30mins

Investment includes certificate of completion, lifetime access and presentation slides.


Maqqi will be delivering this course. They are the creator of The Munster Model of Autistic Living which combines research and current theories to explain the Autistic way of being. You can read an insightful interview with AUsome subject matter expert Maqqi here.