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At AUsome Training we take the utmost care to make sure we’re giving you the very best information and guidance. Our wholly Autistic team spends thousands of hours researching so that we can filter lots of complex information into user-friendly courses for you. 

We are constantly updating our services to keep fully aligned with the fast paced world of understanding Autistic people through a neuro-affirming lens. 

Changing to a neuro-affirmative approach can be hard work and it can take time so the good news for you is that we’ve put in all the are work already. We’ve been doing it over the past 10 years so that we can help, train and support you to make that changeover easily and painlessly. 

Autism has been framed in a negative light since its inception. This is because most of the descriptions were created by people who are not Autistic themselves. Therefore much of what is said is based on assumptions. To address this inaccurate portrayal of Autistic people AUsome Autism Training was created. We need to narrow the gap between assumptions and realities. Unfortunately, most “autism training” and research has never been fact-checked by Autistic people. In other words, many autism training courses explain very little about Autistic people beyond out-dated and stereotypical representations. AUsome Training provides you with this missing piece because it is designed and delivered by Autistic people. Our training is built upon the Neurodiversity framework. 

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What do our learners say about AUsome Training ?

“Evaleen is going to make you think! She’ll challenge your assumptions and take your understanding of autism to a whole new level. As a trainer, an author, and as an autistic advocate, Evaleen has added both to my professional knowledge and my self-knowledge.

I am also using her Konnect workbooks for my child clients . I finally feel like my support of autistic children is affirming and strengths-based, fostering self-respect and self-advocacy skills in my young clients while helping them to make sense of the social rules of the world in which we live. I wish I had had these books when I was a child!”

Yael Clark. Educational & Developmental Psychologist. 
Melbourne, Australia. 
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