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*** ALL attendees will receive a free recording of the presentations ***

Recognised by IACP : 13 CPD points

Did you know that...

80% of Autistics struggle with anxiety?

… 60% of Autistics are affected by depression?

… 36% of Autistics meet the criteria for PTSD


Our community is in crisis. Be part of the solution!


Together, let’s tackle the mental health crisis faced by Autistic adults and children:

Why mind Autistic minds?

Day 1: 24th April

Day 2: 25th April

Minding Autistic minds,-hybrid conference

Autistic mental health is the critical topic of discussion in this conference. During our neuro-affirming talks and interactive workshops, we will highlight the need for significant improvements in services, schools, colleges and workplaces. Learn how you can make a significant difference in Autistic people’s lives today.

Day 1 Autistic adults - image

The first day of our conference is designed for professionals working with Autistic adults: from mental health professionals and educators to HR personnel and social workers, this conference is tailored to address the pressing issue of Autistic mental health and well-being. Gain first-hand insights and a practical skillset. Day 1 will also be hugely beneficial to parents and Autistic adults themselves. 

Day 2 - Supporting mental health in Autistic children

The second day of our conference is designed specifically for schools, parents, caregivers, and professionals working with Autistic children and teens. Discover the crucial role of mental health in the lives of Autistic children, gain valuable insights, and learn practical approaches to support their well-being.

Mind Autistic minds by listening to neuro-affirmative voices

Benefits of attending

  • Gain Expert Insights: Hear from renowned speakers and professionals as they share their expertise and offer practical solutions.
  • Expand Your Network: Connect with like-minded professionals, educators, parents, and caregivers who share a common passion for supporting Autistic mental health and well-being.
  • Make a Difference: Contribute to the urgent discussion surrounding Autistic mental health and equip yourself with actionable strategies to drive positive change.

Conference Overview

Dates, Times & Location

Where?Osprey Hotel, Naas, Co. Kildare

When? 24th and 25th April 2024, 9am to 5.15pm

Watch a 3D tour of the hotel here.

Book accommodation at the hotel here, if needed.

Recordings & Certificates

All participants (in-person and online) will be sent recordings of the presentations and a digital certificate of participation after the conference.  

If you are attending in person:


Registration will take place between 8.45am to 9.25am.


In-person delegates will be allocated breakout sessions on the day of the conference. You will be able to attend all 3 workshops. Places are allocated at registration. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate group requests, you will be assigned to one of three groups randomly. Thank you for your appreciation.


Included in your day are morning tea/coffee and lunch.

Please advise of any food allergies/ sensitivities / restrictions by emailing us before 22nd April.

If you are attending live online:

Please note: Online Tickets include presentations only. They do not include the workshops.

The Zoom link will be sent to you a few days prior to the conference. Please keep an eye on your spam folder for conference news and updates. Add [email protected] to your contacts to avoid missing emails.

The conference start time is 9.30am. Please view our conference agenda pp. 3-4 for online presentation times.

All times are Irish Summer Time.

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