Meeting the needs of Autistic people – FREE Webinar

This session is ideal for helping professionals, including Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Psychologists, SENCo’s and Career Guidance Counsellors  and other professionals working in a therapeutic, clinical or educational setting. It may also be of interest to people outside of Ireland. It is also suitable for Autistic adults, parents and anyone with an interest in learning more from Autistics.

When: December 12th, 7-8pm Irish Time

Where: FREE Live Webinar delivered through Zoom

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Join psychotherapist  Eoin Stephens  and Ausome Training Director Evaleen Whelton for this free webinar on December 12th at 7-8pm Irish Time (GMT)


AUsome Training is currently offering a 10 day course to helping professionals who are working with or who want to work with Autistic adults. Eoin is one of the facilitators on this vital course. In this webinar Evaleen and Eoin, who are both Autistic will discuss what it’s like for many who find out they are Autistic in adulthood.

They will share from their own personal experiences as well as professional experience and members of a worldwide Autistic Community.

Often adult identification comes with the realisation that one has experienced a lifetime of trauma. It can take a long time to dismantle what is “Autistic” and what is “trauma” , in fact many professionals still mistake the two. Even the DSM describes many human response to trauma as “autism”.

This session is ideal for helping professionals who are interested in learning more about their clients or anyone who is considering taking this course with us.

Find out more about our Practitioner Certificate Course here. Our next course starts Saturday January 21st, 2023 (runs over 10 days until June 2023).

It is also suitable for Autistic adults, parents and anyone with an interest in learning more from Autistics.

Some topics discussed will include: 


Adult Diagnosis

Recognising Autistic traits

Recognising Trauma in Autistic adults

This webinar will take an informal approach so no slides but plenty of conversation with lots of audience participation. So come along and join this conversation, ask your burning questions and be part of positive change.


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