Autism and Emotions

Who is this course for? 

  • An ideal course for parents who want to support their Autistic children 
  • Teachers and teaching assistants who want to understand what life is like for Autistic pupils
  • Practitioners who want to support their clients 
  • Autistic adults who want to explore more about their identity


Content: 2 hours 27 mins video 


Autism and emotions, what do the professionals say about Autistics and our emotions?  Often it is said that we can’t identify our own emotions . Professionals also say that we cannot tell how others are feeling. It is said that we cannot regulate our emotional state, or express our emotions and empathy. There are endless therapies and techniques to teach Autistic kids about their emotions. But do Autistic people need to be taught about our emotions? 

Autistic people are human so therefore our emotions are central to everything we do. In this course you will learn more about Autistic kids and adults and our relationship with our emotions. You will see  much of what is said about Autistic people is inaccurate. The world responds to Autistic people differently. We are not accepted as we are. Everything we do is pathologised. In order to understand our emotional reactions then we must look at what we are reacting to. The environment impacts how we feel and how are emotions are interpreted. 

How do we express our emotions? A lot of our emotion is expressed through body language. Autistic body language differs from non-autistic body language so often our emotional expressions are misinterpreted. Stimming is our language and if people don’t understand that we express our emotional state through our stims then they can try to interfere with our stims. This can often mean that our natural way of regulating our emotions is impeded. How could are others at reading Autistic emotions? 

This webinar on autism and emotions is delivered by Evaleen from AUsome Training and Stiof Macamhalghaidh, creator of The Munster Model of Autistic Living. 

  • What is an emotion? 
  • Autism and emotions
  • Perception and senses
  • Meltdowns
  • Our environment
  • Micro-aggressions
  • What are we reacting to?
  • Dissociation 
  • Autistic Connectness
  • Mental Health

Length: 2 hours 27 mins

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