Minding Autistic Minds Conference 2024

Mental Health and Anxiety amongst Autistic people in Ireland key theme at Minding Autistic
Minds Conference

On April 24 th and April 25 th , Minding Autistic Minds, a conference that is being organised by Autistic
people to highlight the mental health crisis in the Autistic Community in Ireland, will take place in
the Osprey Hotel in Kildare.

As others celebrate “autism awareness” the Autistic Community experience rejection, lack of
understanding, barriers to employment, health care and inadequate support for mental health
issues arising from living in a world that fails to accept and understand what being Autistic means.
Autistic Mental Health is a major area of concern and the statistics are startling. 80% of Autistics
struggle with anxiety, 60% of Autistics are affected by depression and 36% of Autistics meet the
criteria for PTSD.

The Minding Autistic Minds Conference is being organised by AUsome Training, an organisation
which was founded by Evaleen Whelton who as an adult discovered she was Autistic in 2014.
Autistic mental health is at the centre of the conference and over two days a series of neuro-
affirming talks and interactive workshops on mental health will take place, all which will be given by
Autistic and neurodivergent speakers.

These include:

 Eoin Stephens, an Autistic Psychotherapist, Counsellor, and Trainer.
 Katie Kerley, a neurodivergent Occupational Therapist and Clinical Director
 Kieran Rose, an Autistic author and researcher
 Siobhán Uí Dhálaigh, an Autistic Gaelscoil primary teacher
 Jessica K Doyle, a neurodivergent Psychologist and researcher
 Elaine McGreevy, a neurodivergent- affirming speech and language therapist
 Caoimh Connolly Murphy, 20 year old non speaking Autistic
 Max Whelan, 22 year old non speaking Autistic

The conference is designed for professionals who support Autistic adults and for schools, parents,
caregivers and professionals working with Autistic children and teens.
Minding Autistic Minds will provide practical approaches on how to support the wellbeing of
Autistic adults and young people and will also discuss how there is a profound need for changes in
services, schools, colleges and workplaces if we are to address the mental health crisis facing Autistic
adults and children in Ireland

Find further information on the Minding Autistic Minds Conference which can be attended in person
or online here

Minding Autistic Minds is being organised by AUsome Training an organisation which is run by
Autistic people.

AUsome Training organises a wide range of courses for professionals working with children,
teenagers and adults who are Autistic. It also runs courses for professionals to help them empower
and support parents and families of Autistic children.

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