Autism & Trauma

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Why are we even talking about autism and trauma? What we are beginning to see quite clearly from most current research is that levels of trauma are higher in the Autistic population than in the general public.  “Autism training” and “autism courses” which are designed without Autistic input can mean that there is actually very little real and meaningful understanding of autism. Unfortunately trauma responses in Autistic children and adults are not always recognised. They are often misinterpreted as “Autistic Behaviours” but there is no Autistic behaviour only human behaviour. When trauma responses are ignored then this can lead to even more trauma for the Autistic person. When we view Autistic behaviour as human behaviour we begin to see a very different picture to that painted by misinformed professionals who are basing their ideas on outdated ideology.

This session is ideal for parents, carers, teacher, teaching assistants, mental health professionals, medical staff and Autistic people themselves.

Course length is 3hrs

 “Ausome Training’s Autism & Trauma webinar is so enlightening and insightful. If you are involved in anyway with autism, please please take the time to do it. The world needs to catch up. Autism is so misunderstood. The trauma they unnecessarily suffer could so easily be avoided. Things need to change NOW.” Lenny

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