Minding Autistic Minds Conference 2024: A Call for Change

In the rapidly evolving landscape of understanding the human mind, it’s high time we reevaluate our approach to Autistic minds. Despite significant advancements in knowledge, outdated ideas continue to dictate responses to Autistic people in our schools, workplaces, practices,  and beyond. Many autism conferences in 2024 will perpetuate these outdated ideas. The Minding Autistic Minds Conference 2024 aims to challenge these antiquated notions and pave the way for a more inclusive and supportive society. An Autistic-led conference like AUsome Training’s conference in 2024 sets itself apart from autism conferences where idea from the past are still alive in 2024. 

 Revisiting Outdated Notions 

The stark reality is that outdated methods rooted in 1950s thinking still persist in our treatment of Autistic people young and old. It’s time to question why we haven’t centered Autistic voices in addressing the issues that affect us. Many remain oblivious to the profound hurt and suffering endured by Autistic people due to societal norms and cultural systems.

Minding Autistic Minds Conference 2024

Recent estimates reveal alarming statistics: 80% of Autistic individuals experience anxiety, 60% face depression, and 36% grapple with PTSD. Tragically, we are nine times more likely to take our own lives, a devastating consequence of societal rejection. Beneath these figures lies a community in pain, longing for understanding and acceptance. While other autism conferences in 2024 will not even mention our stark reality Minding Autistic Minds Conference puts Autistic mental health at the  forefront. 

Shifting the Narrative

The Minding Autistic Minds Conference is not just about Autism; it’s about us—Autistic people—and our lives. It’s a platform to shed light on the mental health crisis within our community and showcase better ways to support Autistic people in various settings, including schools, colleges, clinics, workplaces, and homes.


AUsome Training is committed to improving the lives and outcomes of Autistic people by changing society’s narrative. We refuse to mold Autistic individuals to fit into a flawed societal framework, recognizing the toll it takes on our community’s well-being. This is why attending Autistic-led conferences rather than autism conferences in 2024 is a must.


Embracing Neurodiversity


Embracing neurodiversity is key to understanding and supporting Autistic individuals. Instead of viewing Autism as a deficit to be fixed, we celebrate the unique strengths and perspectives that Autistic individuals bring to the table. By recognizing and valuing these differences, we can create more inclusive environments where everyone can thrive.

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Breaking Down Barriers

One of the biggest challenges faced by Autistic individuals is navigating a world that is often not designed with our needs in mind. From sensory overload to social misunderstandings, everyday tasks can be daunting for Autistic individuals. The Minding Autistic Minds Conference 2024 seeks to address these challenges by providing practical strategies and resources for creating more accessible and accommodating spaces.

Educating and Empowering

Education is key to creating a more inclusive society for Autistic individuals. By raising awareness and providing training for educators, employers, and service providers, we can ensure that Autistic individuals receive the support and accommodations they need to succeed. The Minding Autistic Minds Conference 2024 offers a range of workshops and presentations aimed at empowering professionals to better meet the needs of Autistic individuals that will not be found at autism conferences!

Building a Supportive Community

At its core, the Minding Autistic Minds Conference 2024  is about building a supportive community where Autistic individuals feel valued, understood, and accepted. By coming together to share our experiences, challenges, and successes, we can create a world where everyone is free to be themselves


Join Us


The time for change is now. Our community cannot afford to wait another 30 years for systems to catch up. We invite you to join us on April 24th and 25th in Osprey Hotel, Nass, Kildare and online to witness firsthand how our community works together, shares in our joys and pains, and fosters a deeper understanding of what truly works for Autistic individuals.


Together, let’s set the record straight by listening to those who are Autistic. It’s time to move forward and create a better world, and we need your help to make it happen.

Benefits of attending 

  • Community Connection: Attendees will have the opportunity to connect with a diverse community of individuals who embrace and celebrate neurodiversity. By engaging with Autistic individuals, caregivers, advocates, and allies, attendees can foster a sense of belonging and acceptance within a supportive community that values the unique strengths and perspectives of all individuals.


  • Personal Growth and Reflection: The conference offers a space for attendees to reflect on their own beliefs, attitudes, and practices related to Autism and neurodiversity. Through thought-provoking presentations, workshops, and discussions, participants can gain insights into their own biases and assumptions, challenge societal norms, and cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for neurodivergent experiences.


  • Empowerment and Advocacy: Attendees will be empowered to become advocates for neurodiversity and inclusive practices in their personal and professional lives. By learning about the challenges faced by Autistic individuals and the importance of promoting acceptance and accommodation, attendees can become agents of change within their communities, workplaces, and educational settings, advocating for policies and practices that respect and celebrate neurodiversity.

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