Unlock Autism- Understanding the Autistic Experience from the inside out

Learn how to best support Autistic people

“We’ve tried everything and nothing works“ – a common statement from people we train – and this is because the “everything” has been based on outdated ideas and theories about Autistic people. One day with us and we’ll give you plenty of strategies and insights that actually do help – because they come from Autistic people.

What will I learn about?

  • Autistic Social skills
  • Double Empathy
  • The social experiences of Autistic people
  • Sensory sensitivities
  • Sensory experiences beyond “issues”
  • Stimming and its many purposes


What will I learn how to do?

  • Develop strategies to support Autistic people socially in any environment
  • Enhance communication with Autistic people
  • Work through the Double Empathy Problem
  • Eliminate prejudice from the social environment
  • Cater for sensory sensitivities in any environment
  • Understand stimming as non-verbal communication


Taking place in Ashling Hotel, Parkgate Street, Dublin

Sunday 12th November 10am to 5pm


Investment includes:

  • Course materials
  • Certificate of completion
  • Morning Tea/ Coffee
  • Lunch

Ideal training for youth workers, parents, carers, schools, therapists and other practitioners working with Autistic children and adults.


$ 178.32

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What’s the course about? 

The day is divided into 2 halves.

One session explains the social experience of Autistic people.

The other session focuses on the sensory experiences of Autistic people.


What’s the training format? 

We use a mix of rich learning materials from experiential group exercises to discussion groups to powerpoint presentations – Something to suit every learner.


*What is neuro-affirming? 

Neuro-affirming simply means that you work with the person’s neurotype, that you respect Autistic people are Autistic and that you do not try to change who they are. It means that you support people in a rights based way and are informed by Autistic people.


Our trainers for this course 

Evaleen Whelton is founder of AUsome Training and is blazing a trial in changing the world for Autistic people young and old with her innovative, neuro-affirming approaches to supporting Autistic people. Her work is internationally acclaimed especially in the area of communication and supporting Autistic people socially. An award winning trainer, international speaker and a much celebrated author, Evaleen has the natural ability to make learning fun and accessible.

Stiof MacAmhalghaidh  is an Autistic and otherwise neurodivergent theorist, trainer and advocate on topics related to neurodiversity. They have personal experience of physical disability and childhood trauma in addition to being neurodivergent, and have focused their research on the intersections and interplay between these and other minority experiences. In particular this has focused on the ways typical human coping strategies have been declared pathological when associated with ‘outsider’ minority groups, and on parallel experiences of trauma across those groups.

A little bit about us.. 

AUsome Training is Ireland’s first Autistic-led training provider. Our trainers are Autistic themselves meaning they have a lifetime of experience of being Autistic. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent training and our trainers have spent years, and in some cases decades upskilling, reading and researching so that we can provide you with the very best training.

Our training is cutting edge. It is based on the most current research and aligns perfectly with the Autistic rights movement and neuro-affrming practise.

Our training is informed by Autistic researchers, Autistic parents, Autistic children, Autistic professionals, Autistic therapists, and other members of the Autistic Community.

Our training is informed by non-speaking members of our community and the right to communication underpins our work here at AUsome Training.

The rights and dignity of Autistics young and old is at the very core of our work and our vision of equality for Autistics is what drives our work and fills us with passion for being the very best at what we can do.