Understanding Autistic Burnout by Viv Dawes

This is a PDf download version of Viv Dawes’ wonderful workbook

This book is designed to be used by Autistic and other neurodivergent adults who may be experiencing burnout or want to learn more about it.


(Parents of autistic children/young people and professionals may also find it helpful but the parents workbook may be more appropriate for you).


This book will to help you understand autistic burnout and learn about signs, causes, triggers, prevention and how to heal.

$ 9.19

It is concise and written with people experiencing autistic burnout in mind. The book will talk about autistic burnout, but I do recognise that all neurodivergent people can experience burnout.


The information in this book comes from personal experience, other autistic people’s experiences of autistic burnout and research. The book does briefly mention some difficult topics, but it will also seek to give autistic people, autistic families and professionals, some tools to aid learning, understanding and prevention.