Nurturing Autistic Identity

Join Scott Neilson (he/him) in a session on Nurturing Autistic Identity!

When: Tuesday July 11th, 7-9pm

Online (Zoom)


Topics Covered:
Cultivating a positive Autistic identity


Autonomy and self-advocacy


Autistic pride



Join Scott Neilson (he/him) in a session on Nurturing Autistic Identity! Scott is an Autistic trainer, speaker and consultant in Scotland. He is dedicated to informing people of Autistic experience and Autistic culture. One of his passions is to help Autistic people discover themselves and embody their authentic Autistic expression.

You can find Scott’s website here

This webinar explores ways to cultivate a positive Autistic identity. It will look at the intersectionality of identity, internalised ableism and being able to express ourselves. It also focuses on building autonomy, self-advocacy for Autistic people, fostering self-compassion and how it is possible to be proud to be Autistic.

This session is aimed at Autistic people looking to understand their own identity.
It would also be beneficial for families and professionals to support Autistic people on their journey of discovering who they are.


This is a pay-it-forward event. 

AUsome Training wanted to create a way to platform amazing Autistic speakers and their messages – but needed a way to keep them open and accessible to our community and beyond. We pay our speakers for their time and expertise – but we keep the event open and free of charge for attendees. We can do this because so many people have supported our work and now we want to pay that kindness forward. All we ask is that you pay it forward by sharing this event with your friends and family or somebody who you think may benefit from knowing about us and what we do. Thank you so much!