I Think I’m Autistic – What Now?

This session is ideal for undiagnosed Autistics, their family members and recently diagnosed Autistics. also useful for GPs and therapists whose clients are seeking diagnosis.

When: September 15th, 7-9.30pm Irish Time

Where: Live Webinar delivered through Zoom

Investment includes certificate of completion, access to the recording and presentation slides.

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‘I think I’m Autistic… What now?’… a thought that increasing numbers of adults, some even in their 60s, 70s or 80s, are faced with. It can be a shock to realise the reason for decades of struggle, of not ‘fitting in’ and feeling inadequate or isolated, might be because you have been living with unrecognised obstacles, living as an Autistic person in a non-Autistic world, and without the benefit of community support or self-awareness.

Help is at hand. We will explore your options, from clinical assessment to finding community, making decisions about disclosure, working out how life changes might transform the way you live and much more. Attendees are encouraged to share their experiences, hopes and worries on the evening (anonymously if needed) as we troubleshoot the topics that matter to you.

We will also look into the diagnostic process: how it is framed, what it sets out to achieve, what it misses, and working through the important question of whether seeking diagnosis is the right choice for you.

Maqqi will be delivering this course. They are the creator of The Munster Model of Autistic Living which combines research and current theories to explain the Autistic way of being. You can read an insightful interview with AUsome subject matter expert Maqqi here.

Live 2.5hr webinar delivered through Zoom