Get Konnected Course – Wilton

Date: Sat 8th Feb 2020 10.30am to 3.30pm

Venue: Bru Columnabus, Wilton

This course is an absolute MUST for any parent with a kid(s) with autism .. not only did it open my eyes/mind on what neuro-diversity is REALLY all about but also helped me better understand the different/ awesome way the autistic mind thinks and how the autistic heart truly feels … it genuinely taught me acceptance and empowered me to realize I AM the best therapist my kid can have .. This course provides you with unique insights, techniques and strategies to help you help your child learn how to communicate effectively: understand the rules of dialogue, the complexity of our language (verbal and non-verbal) and how to interpret body language, facial expressions, tone, pitch etc .. I could not recommend enough ! A truly powerful course with powerful tools!” Fabienne O’Riordan, parent


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About this autism and social skills course…

This autism and social skills course teaches parents and professionals to coach AUsome kidz how to understand and interpret other people around them. It gives lots of PRACTICAL STRATEGIES and SOLUTIONS and FRAMEWORKS to help you to create a successful environment for autistic kids, teens and young adults . This experience has been designed by Evaleen, founder of AUsome Training. Evaleen discovered that she is Autistic in 2014 and has developed this course to teach children a language used by non-autistic people (or what other people call social skills)


This social skills program is taught in a respectful way. It’s only aim is to educate and not to change any inherent behaviour or nature of any of its pupils. There is no other course like it. Typical social skills courses focus on teaching autistic children to mimic non-autistic behaviour. Recent research shows how damaging this is. We are now training parents & professionals how to teach these social skills in a respectful way to their children.

Our social skills course also aims to educate parents and professionals on Autistic Communication .The course is divided into 3 levels to build on the knowledge of language a child already has so we have activities to suit all ages and abilities from preschoolers to young adults. Price includes a certificate of attendance, tea/ coffee and Get Konnected Manual

Social Skills Course Content:


  • Explaining Autistic differences in communication.
  • Looking at how these differences, when misunderstood, can effect a child’s happiness and self esteem.
  • Positive solutions for both child & parent/ professional when we look at behaviour as part of communication. Introduction to Autistic Output


  • All about me: Self exploration activities
  • Body Language: what it is, what it means and how to teach children about it through games & activities.
  • Introduction to Autistic Body Language for parents & professionals. (eye contact, autistic facial expressions & early signs of distress and signs of emotion)
  • Vocal Communication: How others use their voices to show meaning or emotion.
  • Introduction to autistic communication of emotions.
  • Activities & Steps to teach “joining in” and how to read the group situation.
  • Introduction to Autistic Sensory Input
  • Teaching children about friendship and ways to evaluate a friendship.
  • Introduction to Autistic Friendship Model
  • Activities on teamwork & conflict resolution and why these are particularly difficult if you can’t read each others body language.
  • Activities on conversations and how they work.