Anytime Training: Get Konnected

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“Evaleen is going to make you think! She’ll challenge your assumptions and take your understanding of autism to a whole new level.Yael Clarke, Educational & Developmental Psychologist, Melbourne, Australia.

“The best training I was ever at. It was very real, clear and informative. It completely opened my mind”. Jean Power, Play Therapist, West Cork.

This autism course is for parents, teachers, SNA’s, teaching assistants, therapists and practitioners. It will teach you how to coach AUsome kidz how to understand and interpret other people around them. It gives lots of PRACTICAL STRATEGIES and SOLUTIONS and FRAMEWORKS to help you to create a successful environment for autistic kids, teens and young adults. It will also help you to become a better communicator with the Autistic person in your life.

This course has been designed by Evaleen, founder of AUsome Training and author of Konnect Books


This program is taught in a respectful way. It’s only aim is to educate and not to change any inherent behaviour or nature of any of its pupils. There is no other course like it. Typical “social skills” courses focus on teaching autistic children to mimic non-autistic behaviour. Recent research shows how damaging this is. We are now training parents & professionals how to teach these communication skills in a respectful way to their children. The course also aims to educate parents and professionals on Autistic Communication The course is divided into 3 levels to build on the knowledge of language a child already has so we have activities to suit all ages and abilities from preschoolers to young adults. Price includes a certificate of attendance and Get Konnected Manual

“This course comes highly recommended by us here at Jack & Friends for families, parents and professionals. It’s honest, insightful, fun and engaging and a wake up call to those who may have difficulty seeing beyond a child’s diagnosis.” Claire Desmond, Jack and Friends Centre, Bandon

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Our Get Konnected Autism and Social Skills Course is designed and delivered by our director Evaleen Whelton. Evaleen was diagnosed as an adult and created a social skills course for Autistic children almost 7 years ago. She is also author of Konnect Series of Social Skills Books for kids aged four upwards. She developed this course to teach adults about the Autistic way of communicating and to “unteach” many of the myths that surround Autistic Communication. 

Here’s what Yael Clark, Educational & Developmental Psychologist who recently completed this course says: “

“Evaleen is going to make you think! She’ll challenge your assumptions and take your understanding of autism to a whole new level. As a trainer, an author, and as an autistic advocate, Evaleen has added both to my professional knowledge and my self-knowledge. I am using her workbooks for my child clients and I finally feel like my support of autistic children is affirming and strengths-based, fostering self-respect and self-advocacy skills in my young clients while helping them to make sense of the social rules of the world in which we live. I wish I had had these books when I was a child!”

Yael Clark. Educational & Developmental Psychologist.
Melbourne, Australia.

The Anytime Course is a video course with 5 modules so you can watch them at a time that suits you. You will also have access to the course even after you complete it. Once you’ve completed the course you will be asked to do a short quiz and once you have completed that you will be able to download your cert . You will also be sent our Get Konnected Activity Book in pdf.

Course Content:


  • Explaining Autistic differences in communication.
  • Looking at how these differences, when misunderstood, can effect a child’s happiness and self esteem.
  • Positive solutions for both child & parent/ professional when we look at behaviour as part of communication.

I did the Get Konnected workshop yesterday and have to say it’s hands down the best autism course I’ve ever taken, and I’ve taken quite a few. In fact it’s the only one I’d actually recommend. Fantastic!” Melissa Murphy, Parent

Our Get Konnected Social Skills Course includes our Get Konnected Book with 40 pages of Activities:

  • All about me: Self exploration activities
  • Body Language: what it is, what it means and how to teach children about it through games & activities.
  • Introduction to Autistic Body Language for parents & professionals. (eye contact, autistic facial expressions & early signs of distress and signs of emotion)
  • Vocal Communication: How others use their voices to show meaning or emotion.
  • Introduction to autistic communication of emotions.
  • Activities & Steps to teach “joining in” and how to read the group situation.
  • Introduction to Autistic Sensory Input
  • Teaching children about friendship and ways to evaluate a friendship.
  • Introduction to Autistic Friendship Model
  • Activities on teamwork & conflict resolution and why these are particularly difficult if you can’t read each others body language.
  • Activities on conversations and how they work.