Afterschool Clubs and Classes: Autism Training

This course provides you with a wonderful opportunity to learn how to make your after school club or class even more inclusive.


It’s delivered by Neurodivergent trainers who are hugely passionate about making extra-curricular activities accessible to Autistic kids and teens.


This course is ideal for anyone providing afterschool activities or working with children and teens in e.g. drama schools, stage schools, dance classes, sports clubs, art classes, music classes, homework clubs, STEM clubs, kids camps etc…


Sep 20th and 27th 10am to 1pm GMT


Investment includes a digital guide, 6 hours training and certificate of completion.


Please contact us for group discounts!

$ 102.67


During the course you will be given advice on how to make your school or club more accessible to Autistic children.

We will give you helpful tips on how to attract, support and keep Autistic kids in your school or club.

Our main aim is to support you to make those changes so that you school or club can be a more inclusive place. For many Autistic kids their extra-curricular activities are their safe haven, a place where they can be themselves and meet similar peers.

Sometimes Autistic kids can be overlooked in school but shine in their extra-curricular classes. This course is to help you to do even more of this wonderful work.

Course content: 

  • What is neurodiversity
  • Barriers to Autistic pupils
  • The importance of your school to Autistic  kids and teens
  • Making your school or club accessible part 1- changing your thinking
  • Making your school or club accessible part 2- sensory and social

Learning outcomes

  • We will help you to use the right language in your adverts and admission forms.
  • We will support you in developing an inclusive school/club ethos
  • You will learn how to adapt to, and in some cases nurture,  the sensitivities of Autistic children
  • You will learn how to adapt your way of communicating for Autistic children and their parents
  • You will gain ideas on how to open your school or club to a new target market

This course will be delivered by founder of AUsome Training and Konfident Kidz Evaleen Whelton. Evaleen made the wonderful discovery that she is Autistic 8 years ago at the age of 37. We know that “wonderful discovery” is not a familiar way to describe finding out you’re Autistic but it is illustrative of Evaleen’s outlook and passion! She taught Speech and Drama for 20 years and  is passionate about  the huge benefits that the arts, sports and other activities  bring to our children and young people. She is beyond excited to bring you this wonderful course.