Building Autistic Integrity in Autistic Children

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This course focuses on building Autistic Integrity in Autistic kids and teens. If you are a parent or someone who works with Autistic kids and are looking for neurodiversity- affirming approaches to parenting or building professional relationships with kids or teens then this is ideal for you.

Carving your way in this world with a strong sense of who you are is difficult for most kids these days. For Autistic kids it is even more difficult when conforming often means assimilation. This means Autistics are often forced into hiding their true selves away. In thia course Evaleen and Harry explore why Autistic children may have difficulty establishing healthy boundaries. They also look at the reasons why they may not know when or how to ask for help, give their consent and basically assert themselves.

Evaleen and Harry not only share their own experiences of growing up Autistic but also share the collective experiences of many Autistics. They explain how an environment which does not accept the Autistic way of being is damaging for many young Autistics. They explore masking and how it impacts one’s sense of self and how this continues into adulthood if no one intervenes to help the Autistic child to develop a positive sense of self.