Building Autistic Integrity in Autistic Adults

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This course focuses on building Autistic Integrity in Autistic adults. If you’re an Autistic adult or someone who works with Autistic adults then it would be advisable to do Building Autistic Integrity in Autistic kids and teens first as this course builds on the experiences we have as children. This gives you a really good understanding of how our childhood experiences frame our experiences and relationships  in adulthood.

For many Autistics, life becomes a juggling act of weighing up the need to belong against the pressure to fit in. This theme is developed in in this course where Harry and Evaleen look at the idea of independence, societal demands and that yearning to belong while remaining true to oneself in the process. For many Autistics who are unmasking or shedding their old selves in adulthood each day can become a balancing act. Does unmasking have a limit? This is just one question Harry and Evaleen will be addressing.