Exploring Autistic Minds- a neuro-affriming approach

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All of our Speakers are Autistic!

  • Evaleen Whelton, Founder of AUsome Ireland. Opening Address
  • Chris Bonnello, Autisticnotweird.com: Insights from an Autistic Teacher
  • Melissa Murphy: “Authoring Autism”
  • Frank L Ludwig: “The Necessity of Autism”
  • Emma Dalmayne: “Autism ‘cures’ and the need for more intolerance”
  • Kieran Rose: “An Autistic Identity”
  • Eoin Stephens: “Double Vision – My experience of autism from both personal & professional perspectives”
  • Panel Discussion on Neurodiversity: Stiof MacAmhalghaidh, Kieran Rose and Chen Gershuni
  • Panel Discussion on Health and Mental Health

Autism Conference Dublin

If you want to know about autism then Autistic people can explain it to you. Most autism courses or training events unfortunately try to explain autism from the outside perspective or from the non-autistic perspective.

Following on from the huge success of our very first all- autistic autism conference in Feb 2019 we held our second AUsome Conference on November 15th 2020. What an amazing line-up of Autistic presenters we had!  Autistic Voices matter and AUsome Autism Conference gives them a platform to be appreciated. It also gives you an opportunity to learn from Autistic professionals and speakers.

There are many important issues for autistics worldwide that need to be addressed and AUsome Conference will start that conversation on many levels. Our unique line up of Autistic speakers covers a truly diverse range of topics. This autism conference is an amazing training and learning opportunity for anyone with an interest in Autism.

We had an amazing line up of speakers who will cover Special Education,  Relationships, Autistic Rights and Abuse, Autistic CommunicationMental Health, Autistic Culture and Identity to mention just a few!

We had NINE autistic speakers, not only sharing their experiences but sharing their area of expertise and offering very practical advise and strategies for Autistics, Parents & Carers, Professionals, Therapists, Educators and anyone with an interest in Autism and Autistic Thinking . An educational opportunity not to be missed!

You can purchase the recording if you missed the live event and gain lifetime access to the presentations.

Our amazing speakers were 11 year old Darragh Dwyer, Chris Bonnello,  Eoin StephensMelissa Murphy, Emma Dalmayne, Kieran Rose, Stiof MacAmhalghaidh, Chen Gershuni and Frank Ludwig