Announcing Jay Jay Mudridge, presenter at our parents conference 21st March.

JayJay Mudridge will present on “Navigating Autism Therapies” at our parents autism conference online March 21st . Jay Jay reframes an Autism diagnosis, and covers the dangers of Applied Behaviour Analysis for autism from a neurodiversity advocacy perspective. Parents will learn the history of and goals of Applied Behaviour Analysis, it’s relation to gay conversion therapy, and what adult autistics who have been through Applied Behaviour Analysis think about it.

This presentation will outline research on Applied Behaviour Analysis including studies that outline its association to PTSD, the impact of long-term ABA, the predatory nature of the Applied Behaviour Analysis industry and give feasible alternative therapies. JayJay will also speak to their own experience of enduring Applied Behaviour Analysis for twelve years and how they connect their experience in ABA to being groomed for trauma they endured later in life.

Jay Jay shared some of their experiences with Evaleen from AUsome Training in a recent interview for our youtube channel. Applied Behaviour Analysis (also shortened to ABA) is marketed to vulnerable parents as an “evidence- based” therapy for autism. But the “evidence” has all been created from the industry itself and fails to represent that actual evidence from the people who have been subjected to it. The ABA industry with its powerful marketing persuades parents that it is the best thing for their child. And what parent doesn’t want what’s best for their child?

The sad fact is that the Autistic community have been campaigning against Applied Behaviour Analysis for decades. It is only now that professionals are also coming on board and speaking out against this harmful practise. Jay Jay hopes to put this right by sharing their story along with research.

JayJay Mudridge is a non-binary Autistic adult, academic tutor, multiply published poet, hobbiest CrossFit athlete, and Applied Behaviour Analysis survivor. They are a neurodiversity advocate and run the facebook page Not Another Autistic Advocate where they attempt to dispel cultural myths about Autism and Autistics. Originally from County Waterford, Ireland, they reside in Massachusetts, USA with their trucks and dogs; when they aren’t reading books, they’re reading more books.

AUsome Training is here to support parents to do what’s best for their children.

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