Top 10 things you need to know about Autistic children

Top 10 Things you need to know about Autistic children

  1. Autistic children are not defective versions of non-autistic children. They are wonderfully and perfectly Autistic. 
  2. Autistic children play and learn from their environment the same way other children do. It may just look different because we are learning about different aspects of that environment.
  3. Autistic children develop Autistically and should not be measured off non-autistic developmental paths nor forced to develop in ways not natural to them.
  4. Autistic children do not lack social skills. Autistic children and adults have a social communication specific to us just in the same way non-autistic people do. Our way of communicating is not faulty and non-autistic social goals should not be inflicted on children. It is better to bridge the gaps in communication through mutual respect, appreciation and understanding. 
  5. There is no such thing as Autistic behaviour. There is only human behaviour. 
  6. Anxiety responses are responses to the environment and not to “autism”. 
  7. Trauma responses are responses to the environment and previous experiences and not to “autism”. 
  8. Autistic pupils are sensitive and so the whole school environment needs to accommodate this sensitivity.
  9. Stimming is a collection of movements that connect body and mind.It allows children to filter naturally through sensory input, helps them to learn and absorb information. Stimming is something they do to regulate their emotions so you can find communication in their stims. 
  10. Presume competence is a mantra in the Autistic Community. It means that you must presume that the Autistic child is just as competent as their peers. It’s important to remember that speech is a motor skill and not a sign of intelligence. 

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  1. Hi. My name is Noel. I recently found out my 6 year old son is autistic, I am told it’s mild. I have little or no understanding on what austism is or what I should do. I’m looking for help.

    1. Hi Noel, We have lots of courses to help you to gain understanding.Please have a look on our parents page for more info

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