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running my business autistically

I find that asking myself one question helps to put me into the mindset of my clients. 

restaurant refusal

Restaurant Refusal

My friend went to a restaurant recently. The waiters were quite rude …

How do I help my non-verbal child understand they need to brush their teeth?

“How do I help my non-verbal child understand they need to brush …


The social model challenges this. The social model challenges all of us to do better. Disabled people are not mistakes, are not tragedies and we bring the same energy to this world as everyone else.

Autism and literal communication

well that’s just all lost on an Autistic communicator because we will concentrate on your words because that is what being a literal communicator means. That literally is literal communication!

ABA alternatives for social skills

What are ABA alternatives when it comes to teaching social skills to …

Explaining autism to your child

Being Autistic is not a bad thing despite what some misinformed may people think. Don’t let these attitudes influence your own attitude to your child. 

7 reasons to understand your child's stimming

Let’s talk about your child’s stimming! Autistic people have a social communication …


“I don’t know how to hold by PDA teenager accountable, like cleaning …



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