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Why do Autistic people have trouble with change in routine?

Find out why Autistic people find it difficult to deal with change

red flag for autism courses

You’ve heard about “red flags for autism” but now let’s have a …

Ausome training will challenge your thinking

How do we explain hyper focus and flow to people who don’t …

Ausome training will challenge your thinking

What does PDA feel like? The discussion around PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) and …

Ausome training will challenge your thinking

Theory of Mind This was originally written for a fundraising event my …

Why Charlie doesn't go to school

Why Charlie doesn’t go to school If people in Charlie’s life don’t …

Neurodiversity explained

Neurodiversity Explained

What is Neurodiversity? Let’s say in your bloodline there were storytellers, creative …

Standing Up for Myself- a book for Neurodivergent kids and teens

Our latest in a series of books for Autistic kids and teens …

non-neurodivergent communication is a series of learnt, well rehearsed and well rewarded bows and gestures.



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