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Autistics are subjected to too much negative inputs

Sensory Processing Disorder

Our sensory environment includes our social environment. Social situations provide sensory inputs. Our previous experiences affect our current responses. Our emotions also impact our processing of sensory input

This image describes the differences between Autistic and non-autistic people. It answer the question what is autism

What is autism?

The DSM created the idea of severe autism but when we take this idea apart then we see an Autistic person with separate conditions. The medical model ignored medical evidence.

Autistics say Sialater!

her exact response on twitter was “Grrrrrrrr. Fuckity fuck why don’t you watch my film before you judge it? FURY”

My vision for Acceptance

I see a whole other world, a world sometime off in the future where Autistics are respected.

When we talk about autism we often hear that Autistic children lack …

People often follows rules like sheep without thinking of the reasons behind these rules. Autistic people question the rules

Can we talk about Social Norms? Very often I hear people justify …

What is ableism?

What is ableism?  It’s when we discriminate against another based on our …

Autism and Girls

I do question the idea that Autistic women mask “better” or “more” …

What is Stimming

Firstly, all humans Stim. Autistics are just really good at it and …



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