red flag for autism courses

Red flags for autism courses

You’ve heard about “red flags for autism” but now let’s have a look at red flags for autism courses which talk about red flags of autism!

There is no need to fear autism or indeed Autistic people and the suggestion that we are to be feared is not only unhelpful to everyone but also part of the stigma that surrounds our existence.

It’s not really a polite way to talk about a community of people now is it? “Red flags” means warning people about us- as if there was some to fear and also something that needs to be fixed with early interventions.

There is no therapy or intervention for being Autistic because there is no need for one. We are perfect as we are!

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way let’s tell you what you do need to be warned about though and that is improper information and fear-mongering about Autistic people.

Be on the look out for these red flags for autism courses that are full of bad information and bad advice

Any autism course or program that talks about –

Dealing with autism
Addressing autism
Coping with autism
Meeting autism
Changing autism
Challenging autism
Teaching autism
Treating autism
Strategies for autism
Therapies for autism
Methods for autism
Approaches to autism
Positive Behaviour Support
Applied Behavioral Analysis
Joint Attention
Context Blindness
Theory of Mind
Impacts of autism
Effects of autism
Self Stimulatory Behavior
Deficits of autism
Challenges of autism
Evidence based strategies
Levels of autism
Core deficits
Core challenges
Developmental disorder
Developmental condition
Living with autism
Families living with autism
Families affected by autism
With AutismExpert in autism
Suffers from autism

Autistic Behaviour

If an autism course mentions these then that is not a course that is helpful to Autistics or to you or that is in any way neuro-affirming.

For Neuro-affirming autism courses without the red flags then do contact us.

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  1. I HATE the word masking. Especially when it comes to girls and women. I have a better word. SUPPRESSING. Now this word shows the force of the action of what they call masking and expresses just how damaging masking is. If you suppress something you will cut off the natural process that is required to develop further for sense of self and self confidence. in ones own abilities. You are now dancing to everybody else’s tune instead of learning your own.

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