Understanding the Autistic Experience

Our 8 week program begins Thursday 10 Feb ’22  from 7 to 9.30pm GMT

This is a wonderful opportunity to understand how different our lives could be if we made a collective effort to co-exist.



Understanding the Autistic Experience

This is an 8 week comprehensive course to empower you to gain a really full picture of what life is like for Autistic children and adults.

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to know more about Autistic people. There’s no need for us to pigeon-hole our attendees into little boxes or titles. If you want to get a real, deep understanding then this is the course for you. If you care about Autistic people, even if that’s you, then this course is for you.

When is this amazing thing happening?

It’s happening on zoom over 8 weeks on a Thursday evening from 7-9.30pm.

The first module will be on Thursday 10th feb and the last one on 7th April. There won’t be a class on March 17th as that is Patrick’s Day.

What will you learn about? 

We’ve designed our course to really delve into the lives of Autistics young and old. 

Here are just some of the questions we will explore:

What makes us who we are?

Why do we do certain things?

Why do we think in certain ways?

Why do other people not fully understand us? 

How does this lack of understanding effect us?

How does it effect them? 

How does it often get in the way of us connecting? 

How can we do better, collectively?

What small changes will make huge impacts on Autistic happiness? 

And how can we achieve this? 


Topics we will cover include:

  • The sensory experiences of Autistic people
  • The environmental impacts on Autistic people
  • The emotional experiences of Autistic people
  • Cognitive experiences of Autistic people including motivation, masking, anxiety, executive functioning, procrastination and everything else that comes from growing up a sensitive soul in a world that does not understand you.
  • Autistic expressions: play and creativity across the ages
  • Autistic rhythms: stimming, learning and thinking


This course is designed by Evaleen Whelton, founder of AUsome Training and Konfident Kidz.  Since she made the wonderful discovery of her Autisticity in 2014 Evaleen’s focus has been on breaking down barriers for Autistic people young and old through education. It is Evaleen’s belief that Autistic people deserve the freedom to be unapologetically themselves and that we have a collective duty to each other to create an environment conducive to promoting health and well being for Autistic people. So be part of this wonderful vision and come along to our course starting 10th Feb.

Our second presenter is Stiof MacAmhalghaidh. Stiof is an international speaker who has been developing a model of Autistic Living for over 12 years. Stiof is heavily involved in the Autistic community both as an advocate and educator. As well as this Stiof has been supporting Neuordivergent students for decades. Stiof’s insights, theories and level of research is second to none and exactly what we can expect from a thinker who has spent most of their lives working towards to a better world for Autistic people. So be part of this better world and sign up for our course today.


This course will be set up as a meeting on zoom so that everyone has the option to use their video and chat

If you have any questions about the course please just ask by emailing us here

Places are limited so early booking is advised.

(If you may have difficulty paying for this course please get in touch with us here)