Konnect 3

This activity book is the third in a series of 3 activity books designed to help kids  explore how we communicate and how others communicate. It is suitable for kids aged 8 onwards. However it is advisable to use book and 1 and 2 before moving onto this book, no matter what age your child is as they lay the foundations for book 3.

What topics do we look at in this book?

  • Sarcasm
  • Perspectives
  • Persuasive language
  • Inflection
  • Tone
  • Figurative language
  • Metaphors
  • Exaggerations
  • Emphasis
  • Joining in
  • Conversations


A wonderful series of social skills activity books for Autistic kids written by an Autistic Teacher. It’s full of positive messages about autism and activities to help kids aged 4 plus navigate the non-autistic social world, while maintaining a positive self identity. They are the result of 44 years of living as an Autistic in a predominantly non-autistic world, 20 years of teaching  and of 6 years of providing social skills courses for children and training for parents and professionals.

Here’s what Neuropsychologist, Dr. Catherine Crompton says about our social skills books:

“The Konnect Social Skills Series are the first social skills activity books to help neurodiverse young people embrace and harness their individual ways of communicating. The activities allow children to find their own ways to express themselves, and learn more about themselves and others. They support children to develop the skills to communicate what they think and how they feel in diverse ways. They encourage children to build confidence and relationships in a way that works with them, using their diverse strengths. It’s so important to have materials created by neurodivergent members of the community, and Evaleen has combined her experiences as an Autistic person with her expertise in speech and drama to create truly unique and valuable social skills resources.”

Dr. Catherine Crompton is a research neuropsychologist at The Patrick Wild Centre, University of Edinburgh. Her current research explores neurodiverse social interaction or “social skills”,  and how autism-specific social behaviours facilitate interactions between Autistic peers.  Her research re-conceptualises social intelligence within a neurodiversity framework, challenging the notion that there is only one legitimate form of social intelligence.

These books are also supported by our Get Konnected Course for parents and professionals

Konnect 1 is suitable for age 4 plus

Konnect 2 is suitable for age 6 plus (using book 1 first)

Konnect 3 is suitable for age 8 plus (using book 1 and 2 first)

They are best used as a series , using book 1 as a foundation to the next 2 books

We are also running social skills classes for children and teens on our sister site Konfident Kidz