LEANBH: Neurodiversity Course for Professionals Working with Children

Welcome to LEANBH – our online program for professionals who support Autistic children in a clinical or educational setting.


Course dates & times


EUROPE Course Dates:

Course A: Saturdays

4th Nov 12.00-17.00 | 18th Nov 12.00-17.40 | 9th Dec 12-17.00 | 13th Jan 11.30-17.30 | 27th Jan 12.00-17.00

Course B: Mondays

6th Nov 12.00-17.00 | 20th Nov 12.00-17.40 | 11th Dec  12.00-17.00 | 15th Jan 11.30-17.30 | 29th Jan  12.00-17.00

 All above times are in Irish Standard Time. Based outside of Ireland? Convert your time zone.


AUSTRALIA Course Dates:

10th Feb 08.00-13.00 | 17th Feb 08.00- 13.00 | 2nd March 08.00-13.00 | 16th March 08.00-13.00 | 6th April 08.00-13.00

All above times are in AEST. Based outside of Australia? Convert your time zone.


All sessions take place online on Zoom.



LEANBH (pronounced lah-nuv), Irish for child, is a unique neurodiversity-affirming approach, designed and delivered by our award-winning trainers who are Autistic themselves. It offers participants practical skills training, a strong theoretical overview, and ongoing community mentoring.


Prepare to be movedinspired and challenged as we navigate the complexities of Autistic childhood together. Completion of this 5-day program will equip you to create a Neurodiversity-affirming practice and approach to supporting your young Autistic clients and their families.


Places are strictly limited to 25 participants, so early booking is advised.


IACP CPD recognised and awarded 22 CPD points.


Find out more on our LEANBH Page or book a free consultation.