Professional Certificate in Neurodiversifi-cation of Child Clinical and Educational Practice

Neurodiversification for your practice – 4 day course for professionals working with Autistic children and teens

We’re delighted to say that our course has been approved for 24hrs CPD

Become part of AUsome network of Neurodiversity affirming professionals.

This course will equip you to create a Neurodiversity- affirming practice to support your Autistic clients.

Course dates: Sat 24th Sept, Sun 25th Sept, Sat 1st oct and Sat 8th Oct


“Attending Evaleen’s training was invigorating. Her passion for challenging societal assumptions and narratives around autistic people is infectious. Evaleen has made us think. We have gone away as a team with a renewed focus on ensuring our work as Speech and Language Therapists not only acknowledges strengths of autistic communication but targets environmental barriers that limit these strengths being seen.” Kim Tucker, SLT Team Manager 




This is a 4 day  comprehensive course to empower you to gain a really full picture of what life is like for the Autistic children and teens you work with.

This course is ideal for Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Psychologists, SENCo’s and career guidance counsellors  and other professionals working in a therapeutic, clinical or educational setting.

This course will equip you to create a Neuro-diversirty affirming practice and approach to supporting your Autistic clients.

Course dates: 

The course will be delivered through zoom meetings over 4 days on the following dates:

Sat 24th Sept, Sun 25th Sept, Sat 1st Oct and Sat 8th oct

From 10 am to 5pm on each day.

Maximum of 25 places available so early booking is advised.

Become part of our Network of Neurodiversity Affirming Professionals

Professionals who successfully complete this course will be added to our directory of Neurodiversity-affirming professionals.


A sample of the material for this autism course for professionals 

Course Structure:

Day 1:

We are all products of our environment so in the first week we explore what sort of world an Autistic child is born into.

We show you how we often hold unconscious bias even though we are unaware of it.

We look at what influences our attitudes to autism now and in the past.

We set the scene for the rest of the course by focusing on the environment and how everything starts there.

This week you will gain a real insight into the grand picture we have to see and understand before we can begin to understand what it is to be Autistic

We look at how environments change over time and how these changes affect human development

We look at environments in their many contexts and start to really build a relationship in our minds between environment, world views, senses and experiences.


Day 2:

This week builds on previous weeks and focuses on sensory experiences, learning and how that is all dependent on the environment.

You will start to see just how important an accepting and nurturing environment is in the lives of Autistics from infancy to teenage years and beyond.

We also start to really explain what it is to be Autistic or at least what it would mean to be Autistic if our environment was a nurturing and welcoming one.

We explore:

How we play

How we create

How we learn

How we communicate

How we sense, think, and feel and interact

You will begin to see the beauty that lies in our existence and the desperate need for us to be welcomed into our world rather than shunned, disabled and oppressed.

Day 3 

We question why what we learnt in previous weeks isn’t how Autistics are showing up (or presenting) in this world.

We will look at these reactions over the development of the Autistic child.

This way you can identify changes needed in order to avoid longterm negative effects. And together we can start to build a plan for a better future, both short term and long term, one of Acceptance which starts with your Neurodiversity-affirming practice.

We cover the not so pleasant stuff which are responses and reactions to the unwelcoming world such as:

  • “regression”
  • meltdowns
  • challenging behaviours
  • masking
  • shutdowns
  • Demand Avoidance
  • Executive Function
  • Illnesses and conditions
  • Mental Health
  • Peer pressure
  • Puberty and all that goes with that
  • Suicide
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression


By exploring the relationships between mental health and the changing landscapes across the lifespan of an Autistic person’s life, from birth to teenage years we will show you the relationships and patterns so you can gain a really deep knowledge of Autistic Experiences

Day 4

This last week’s class will be a collaborative workshop type session where we build a picture of a better world for Autistics.

Together we will develop solutions and paths to positive change which will help you in your role and the Autistic clients in your life, no matter what age they are.


Learning Outcomes

We’ve designed our course to really delve into the lives of Autistics. 

Here are just some of the questions we will explore:

What makes us who we are?

Why do we do certain things?

Why do we think in certain ways?

Why do other people not fully understand us? 

How does this lack of understanding effect us?

How does it effect them? 

How does it often get in the way of us connecting? 

How can we do better, collectively?

What small changes will make huge impacts on Autistic happiness? 

And how can we achieve this? 


Topics we will cover include:

  • The sensory experiences of Autistic people
  • The environmental impacts on Autistic people
  • The emotional experiences of Autistic people
  • Cognitive experiences of Autistic people including motivation, masking, anxiety, executive functioning, procrastination and everything else that comes from growing up a sensitive soul in a world that does not understand you.
  • Autistic expressions: play and creativity across the ages
  • Autistic rhythms: stimming, learning and thinking


Your facilitators: 

This course is designed and delivered by Evaleen Whelton and Stiof MacAmhalghaidh.

Evaleen is founder of AUsome Training and Konfident Kidz.  Since she made the wonderful discovery of her Autisticity in 2014 Evaleen’s focus has been breaking down barriers for Autistic people young and old through education. It is Evaleen’s belief that Autistic people deserve the freedom to be unapologetically themselves and that we have a collective duty to each other to create an environment conducive to promoting health and well being for Autistic people. Evaleen has played a pivotal role in changing attitudes and supporting professionals to Neurodiversify their supports and services.

Evaleen has worked with children and teens for over 20 years in her career as a Speech and Drama Teacher. Her book “Standing Up for Myself” was the very first , and only, book to be recommended by Therapist Neurodiversity Collective International to be used by their therapists as the perfect alternative to Social Skills Training.

Evaleen’s training is award-winning and she is often described as a “trailblazer” for the pivotal role she has played in changing the conversation around autism.

Our second presenter is Stiof MacAmhalghaidh. Stiof is an international speaker who has been developing a model of Autistic Living for over 12 years. Stiof is heavily involved in the Autistic community both as an advocate and educator. As well as this Stiof has been supporting Neuordivergent students for decades. Stiof’s insights, theories and level of research is second to none and exactly what we can expect from a thinker who has spent most of their lives working towards to a better world for Autistic people. So be part of this better world and sign up for our course today.

Teaching Methods

This Programme will be facilitated online via Zoom.

We will send you the link a day or so before the course is due to begin.


Group Presentation and Individual Assessment

Programme Fee & Payment Schedule

Full Fee: €595


Worried you might miss a week? 

As this is a professional certificate course based on participation and assessment learners must attend unless there are circumstances beyond their control.

If you can’t attend one week please let your facilitator know and we will arrange for you to catch up with a recording.

If you have any questions about the course please just ask by emailing us here

Places are limited to 25 so early booking is advised.