LEANBH: Neurodiversity Course for Professionals

Create a neuro-affirming  practice – 5 day certificate course for professionals working with Autistic children and teens

Earn 24hrs CPD

Become part of AUsome network of Neurodiversity affirming professionals.


“I highly, highly recommend this training! Even with the time difference, I was actually EXCITED to wake up at 4:30am each day because the training was so incredibly compelling, fascinating, and engaging. I cried through huge chunks of it because the generosity, vision, and selflessness of the trainers was so beautiful. I’m sort of a “training snob” and often underwhelmed by trainings. . . this one really shook my whole mind, spirit, and heart in a real way.”

– Danielle Maxonight, LCSW

This course will equip you to create a Neurodiversity- affirming practice to support your Autistic clients.

2023 course dates  – 2 options to choose from 

Course A – Saturdays:
4th November, 18th November, 9th December, 12th January , 26th January

Course B – Mondays:

6th November , 20th November, 11th December ,14th January, 28th January



I am very grateful that you designed, wrote and delivered this course. To learn authentically and be able to know that all learning, voices and people are included and accepted, made the learning so rich. Thank you to you and your team at AUsome.”
– Sarah Everett, Group Therapist/Parent Support/Counsellor

The neuro-affirming course is ideal for Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Play Therapists, Psychologists, SENCo’s, Career Guidance Counsellors, Youth Workers  and other professionals working in a therapeutic, clinical or educational setting.



Neurodiversity course for professionals


LEANBH is the Irish word for ‘child’ or ‘infant’. We chose this word because children are at the centre of this Neurodiversity course and we have designed it to help you better support them.

This comprehensive 5 day Neurodiversity course will empower you to gain a really full picture of what life is like for the Autistic children and teens you work with.


Completion of this Neurodiversity course for professionals  will equip you to create a Neuro-diversity affirming practice and approach to supporting your Autistic clients.


Benefits of Leanbh to you: 

  • Gain an appreciation of early childhood, dependency and discovery through an Autistic lens.
  • Appreciation of trauma and anxiety as common Autistic experiences and understanding the causes and remedies for this trauma.
  • Gain insight into the variation of Autistic sensory experience.
  • Understanding stimming from an Autistic perspective and understanding Autistic stimming as part of the diversity of human stimming.
  • Understanding of root cause analysis techniques so that you can meet your clients needs effectively 


Neurodiversity Course dates:

Choose from 2 options

The course will be delivered through zoom meetings over 5 days on the following dates:


Course A : Saturdays (times in GMT/ Irish time)
4th November : 12.oo-17.00
18th November: 12.17.40
9th December:12-17.00
12th January 11.30-17.30
26th January: 12.00-17.00
Course B :Mondays (times in GMT / Irish time)
6th November : 12.00-17.00
20th November:  12.00-17.40
11th December  –  12.00-17.00
14th January: 11.30-17.30
28th January –  12.00-17.00

Worried you might miss a week? 

Missed Time Policy 

As this is a professional certificate Neurodiversity course based on participation and assessment learners must attend unless there are circumstances beyond their control.

If you can’t attend one week please let your facilitator know and we will arrange for you to catch up with a recording and for you to submit a learning summary of the missed material.

If you have any questions about the course please just ask by emailing us here


*All times are in Irish Time / GMT.  Note clocks in Ireland go forward 1hr on 26th March 2023

**There will be 2 comfort breaks and a lunch break each day

Maximum of 25 places available so early booking is advised.


Become part of our Network of Neurodiversity Affirming Professionals

Professionals who successfully complete this neuro-affirming course will be added to our directory of Neurodiversity-affirming professionals.



A sample of the material for this Neurodiversity course for professionals 


Your facilitators: 

This neurodiversity course for professionals  is designed and delivered by  Stiof MacAmhalghaidh and Gillian Kearns.

Stiof MacAmhalghaidh is a trainer, theorist and international speaker whose ‘CDF’ model of Autistic Living lies at the core of this course. Stiof has been heavily involved in the Autistic community as a researcher, rights activist, advocate and educator since 2002. They have provided one-on-one and group support for Autistic and otherwise Neurodivergent students from primary to third-level. Stiof’s insights, theories and level of research is second to none – exactly what we can expect from a thinker who has spent most of their life working towards to a better world for Autistic people. Read more here 

Gillian Kearns is an Early Childhood educator with experience drawn from the primary education and child protection sectors. Throughout her career she has focused on supporting adults and young people to work collaboratively to improve relationships and outcomes. Gillian has also worked with parents, guardians and families to ensure greater understanding of the neurodivergent experience in order to help them support the young people in their care. Gillian is also a founder of Neuro Pride Ireland. Read more about Gillian here 


Teaching Methods

This Programme will be facilitated online via Zoom.

We will send you the link a day or so before the course is due to begin.

Our facilitators use a mix of rich learning materials.



Group Presentation and Individual Assessment

Programme Fee & Payment Schedule

Full Fee: €595

*Please contact us for payment plan options

Places are limited to 25 so early booking is advised.