Autistic Pride and Prejudice – free webinar

This  free webinar on the collective pride of the Autistic Community in the face of prejudice and ableism with Evaleen, Jude, Gillian and Maqqi  

This promises to be an engaging and thought provoking event

Tues 9th Aug 7-8.30pm GMT + 1 on ZOOM

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Recording included so if you can’t make the live session then you don’t have to miss out. Alternatively you can watch this event live streamed on our Facebook Page


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– Free Live Webinar –

Evaleen is inviting you to an open and frank conversation about Autistic Pride and the prejudice our community faces.

Evaleen will be joined by Gillian Kearns, Jude Morrow and Maqqi on Tues 9th August as part of the Neuropride 22 celebrations from 7pm to 8.30pm GMT + 1

 Evaleen is founder of AUsome Training and Konfident Kidz. She is also author of the Konnect Social Skills series as well as Include – Neurodiversity Program for Schools. Since making the wonderful discovery in 2014 that she herself is Autistic, Evaleen has been advocating for positive change for Autistic people in Ireland and around the globe.


Jude Morrow is an Autistic best-selling author, entrepreneur, former social worker and keynote speaker from Derry, Northern Ireland. Jude travels the world to showcase through his talks that Autistic children can grow up to live happy and successful lives. Jude shares his own journey with therapy and anxiety in his first book “Why Does Daddy Always Look So Sad”.

Jude’s books are published by Beyond Words, publisher of The Secret. Jude is the founder of Neurodiversity Training International, the world’s premier autistic-led training and consultancy firm to global non-profits and Fortune 500 companies . Jude is also a 2 time TedX speaker and nurtures parents, teachers and professionals to develop a kinder mindset toward autistic people young and old.


7.30pm to 8pm  

Gillian Kearns (She/They) is a disability justice and neurodivergency rights advocate. As an agender, multiply neurodivergent person Gillian is particularly passionate about gendered intersections in community building and neurodivergency. They were a founding member of Neuro Pride Ireland, a self-directed community space and
DPO (Disabled Persons Organisation) who hold an annual festival to celebrate neurodivergent communities and identities.  Gillian also currently serves on the Steering Committee of Disabled Women Ireland, [Ireland’s only national Disabled Person’s Organisation for gender minority people]. As part of this role Gillian has worked with Centre of Disability Law and Policy on how the Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act will impact on autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people.


Maqqi is an Autistic and otherwise neurodivergent theorist, trainer and advocate on topics related to neurodiversity. They have personal experience of physical disability and childhood trauma in addition to being neurodivergent, and have focused their research on the intersections and interplay between these and other minority experiences. In particular this has focused on the ways typical human coping strategies have been declared pathological when associated with ‘outsider’ minority groups, and on parallel experiences of trauma across those groups.