Navigating Autism Therapies

This course is especially designed for parents of Autistic children. It will help you to navigate the world of autism therapies.

€35 includes the 3hr recording and presentation slides.


How do you navigate autism therapies? How do you decide what your child needs? Your child or teen has been diagnosed with autism and suddenly there is a world of therapies at your feet. We know this can be an overwhelming time for parents and there is a fear that fuels you to seek out the very best therapies and support for your child. If your child is gone beyond the magic window of 3-5 years there is often panic that they have missed out on vital supports. We have put this online autism course for parents together because we know from our other autism courses and conferences just how stressful it can be for parents. This part of your autism journey can be simplified and that’s exactly what this course does for you.

Our autism course for parents on Navigating Autism Therapies is designed to take the fear and panic out of choosing therapies. We explain what therapies are actually helpful for Autistic children and teens and advise you on “therapies” which are best avoided.

Course Content:

  • What is therapy?
  • What is therapy supposed to achieve?
  • The ideal therapy
  • The right therapy
  • Therapy options
  • Acceptance

Navigating Autism Therapies

In this short course Evaleen from AUsome Training and Stiof MacAmhalghaidh will explain which therapies are for what. We will also explain why often Acceptance is the best therapy and why Autistic children do not need therapy just for being Autistic. The idea that Autistic children may not need any therapy often comes as a surprise to parents but many parents often find that allowing their child to develop along their own path works out best for their child and their family.

This short course on Navigating Autism Therapies is especially designed for parents but others are most welcome to come along and learn from the Autistic perspective. Many professionals are embracing the Neurodiversity model and their clients are benefitting hugely from this approach.

Like all of our courses at AUsome Training this has been designed by Autistic trainers and will be delivered by Autistic speakers.

A little bit about Stiof MacAmhalghaidh

They have been developing The Munster Model for over 12  years, combining years of theory of Autism with existing research and lived experience of Autistic people. It is the first model which explains the reality of what it means to be Autistic. Stiof is also our SME here at AUsome Training.