LEANBH Discovery Webinar

When: Tuesday August 22nd, 19:00-19:45
Where: Online via Zoom


In this free webinar, Gillian and Maqqi will discuss what makes LEANBH a unique learning experience for attendees and presenters alike. They will also discuss how a collaborative environment built on respect and curiosity can transform the therapeutic experience for young Autistic clients.
If you are thinking of enrolling or simply want to know more about our LEANBH Neurodiversification Course course, this webinar will be ideal for you. A recording will be made and sent after so even if you can’t attend live, sign up to receive the recording.


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Gillian and Maqqi are the designers and facilitators of LEANBH – our comprehensive 5-day Neurodiversity course. LEANBH is a unique and powerful course which has received rave reviews from professionals around the world who work with Autistic kids and teens. In this free webinar Gillian and Maqqi will explain what makes LEANBH unlike any other neurodiversity course. They will be happy to take questions as well. Book your spot now to discover more about LEANBH!