Interoception: The Internal Sense

Our Interoception course is delivered by Katie Kerley. Katie is an occupational therapist and Clinical Director of Horizon Therapy Services in Dundalk. She is multiply-neurodivergent (Autisitc, ADHD, and Dyspraxic) herself and is passionate about helping neurodivergent people be the best and most satisfied version of themselves through the lens of meaningful occupation. 

In our Interoception course we will explore this lesser known sense.

Ideal for Neurodivergent people and parents/caregivers of Neurodivergent children, or anyone who is interested generally.

Course Length 2hrs 30mins

€30 includes access to the recording, cert and slides


How do you feel? How do you really feel? Interoception often enables us to answer this question. 

Interoception is one of our lesser known senses. This is our sense of what it going inside our bodies – the rhythms throughout the day and throughout the lifespan, our needs and how to meet them. 

 When interoception is working well, it helps us maintain our body and mind by allowing us to notice and then respond to our internal states.

Interoception helps us notice things like hunger, thirst, fatigue/ sleepiness, body temperature, the need to go to the bathroom, as well be aware of things like breathing and heart beat. 

Interoception impacts our self-care, our physical and mental health, our ability to self-regulate, our emotional awareness and our general sense of wellness. 

Due to our differing ability to process sensory information, many of us Neurodivergent people can find interoception a little baffling or just a little harder to manage. 

Want to learn more? Complete this course where we explore the marvellous inner workings of ourselves and learn how to help make it easier when it’s challenging. 


Who is this Interoception Course for ?

This course is ideal for parents/caregivers of Neurodivergent children, teachers and Neurodivergent adults or anyone who is interested generally.