AUsome Kids Cards

Your Friend tells you their child is Autistic. What do you say? How do you respond?

Send them an AUsome Congratulations card!

Join in our Autistic Pride and send a positive message to someone today

A6 card and envelope shipped worldwide for €4.95 including postage.



Congratulations you are AUsome! At AUsome Training we are constantly looking for ways to change the negative narrative around being Autistic. What better way to do this than to congratulate someone when they find out they’re Autistic!

When we ask parents of Autistic children and Autistic people themselves what sort of responses they receive when they share that they are Autistic we get a whole range of negative responses unfortunately. People are regularly told “I’m sorry to hear that” or “But they look so normal!”. Neither of these responses are helpful and only add to the stigma around being Autistic.

Being Autistic is not a tragedy. Many people believe it is but where has that idea come from? It hasn’t come from the thousands of Autistic people who are proud of our identity and do not wish to be any other way! Unfortunately the story around autism was created by the medical model and charities that support this. Autistic people were excluded from the story around our own existence for decades. This is changing and AUsome Training is a part of this exciting, positive change.

Parents are often made to feel like it’s a tragedy to have an Autistic child and that’s because they may never know how Autistic people feel, how we play and grow and how we share our lives with others. This tragedy narrative can often rob parents of precious moments with their children. Parents can sometimes lament autism instead of sharing their time with their Autistic children. Why would we feed into that sort of ideology when we could embrace difference and understand what it is to be Autistic really, outside of the negative deficit model.

So please join us in changing the negative story about us. Celebrate our way of being, help us to end the awful stigma and discrimination we face as a community. Share in our Autistic Pride.  Start be sending a message of positivity to your friend’s child. Congratulations you are AUsome! After that you could learn more and listen to what Actually Autistic people say and reframe your understanding of what being Autistic means.

Thank you for spreading positivity! Congratulations you are AUsome!