Autism Course for Parents

Our live online autism course for parents offers you an opportunity to interact with other parents and an Autistic trainer

You will have opportunities to :

  • problem solve
  • update your skills
  • learn effective strategies
  • gain a real insight into Autistic children and teens

This 8 hours course takes place live through zoom on Tuesdays March  1st to 22nd 7-9pm GMT

Investment includes certificate of completion, access to the recording, presentation slides and resources.


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AUsome Training is the world leader in progressive training solutions for parents and professionals. Understanding autism and understanding your Autistic children and teens  are two very different things. Our autism course for parents is designed and delivered by trainers who are Autistic themselves.  Advances in autism research and understanding can take decades to filter into training courses. Our autism course for parents gives you up to date strategies backed up by current research which is inline with the Autistic Community.  Our autism training for parents explains why the deficit model of autism is being left behind by many professionals in favour of the Neurodiversity model. It explains the negative effects that behavioural approaches have on the identity and sense of self of the Autistic child and provides you with better alternatives for supporting positive behaviour.


Our autism course for parents is pro-Autistic and not deficit based

Our autism course for parents will not talk about “triads of impairments” or any of those outdated and disproven ideas. Our autism training  is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of your Autistic children so that you can reframe your thinking on autism. Autistic people have been excluded from the discussion and research around autism for decades. In other words, many autism training courses explain very little about Autistic people beyond out-dated and stereotypical representations. AUsome Training is fully Autistic-led. That means that our autism training offers you the perspective of Autistic people which is often unfortunately lacking in autism courses for parents.

Here’s what parent Mina had to say:

You bring on board lots of positive and empowering information and for this I really thank you.

You are really helping me to stay positive and proactive with my little boy and my journey with Autism.”

Autism Course Content:

Week 1:

What autism is

What autism is not

An introduction to Neurodiversity

Week 2:

The social environment

The sensory environment

Week 3: 

Understanding “Behaviours”

Week 4

Strategies for building relationships in the home

Anxiety and what we can do about it

This live autism course for parents is suitable for parents of children of all ages who want to up skill to support their Autistic kids in ways that are approved by the Autistic Community. It will be delivered by Evaleen Whelton, founder of AUsome Training and author of Konnect Social Skills Series . Evaleen has worked extensively with children and teens over her twenty year career as a speech and drama teacher. She will offer real solutions, support and strategies based on her experience as an Autistic person and as an experienced teacher and parent herself.



More about our autism course for parents

In week 1 we will explore the history of autism, the negative narrative and assumption based theories. We will introduce you to current thinking and research. We will look at common conditions that often go hand in hand with being Autistic. We will also explore mental health of Autistic children and teens, signs to look out for and strategies to support.

In week 2 of our autism course for parents we will look at how the social environment impacts Autistic kids and provide you with strategies to decrease demands on them. We will also look at the physical environment and offer positive strategies for creating a better social and sensory environments which are easy to implement.

In week 3 we will explore “behaviours”. The use of the word behaviours has negative connotations for the Autistic Community because it’s so commonly used without real understanding and investigation. In week 3 we will provide you with a framework to understand what behaviour is and to analyse the environment so that Autistic kids are under less stress from their environment. We will look at avoidance, withdrawal, masking, self harm, controlling behaviour and other presentations of anxiety responses and teach you to look beyond behaviours to find the root causes.

In week 4 of our autism course we will look at anxiety and how we can support the anxious child. We will also explore ways to build relationships in the home.