Autism and Sensory Processing

Who is this course for? 

  • An ideal course for parents who want to create the right environment for their Autistic children 
  • Teachers and teaching assistants who want to understand what life is like for Autistic pupils and create a better school environment for their learners
  • Practitioners who want to support their clients and look beyond the medical model
  • Autistic adults who want to explore more about themselves


Content: 2 hours 37 mins video 


Our Autism and Sensory Processing course is delivered by Evaleen from AUsome Training and Stiof Macamhalghaidh, creator of The Munster Model of Autistic Living. You may have noticed that we did not include the word “disorder” after processing. Autistic people are more sensitive to our environment but should that automatically be described as a disorder? 

In our Autism and Sensory Processing course we explore Autistic senses. We look at how we feel and experience the world. We look at how a hostile environment can impact us negatively and suggest ways that we can adapt the environment to support Autistic children and adults to thrive. Our environment includes the physical world but it also includes our social world. When we explore how our world responds to us then we can see exactly what Autistic people have to process. Our environmental experiences impact our emotional well-being

In this course you will learn more about the way Autistic kids and adults experience the world. You will also learn how our sensory experience is linked to our emotional state.  Stiof Macamhalghaidh explores the fascinating reasons why some Autistic infants don’t look towards their parents. They explain how we learn through our senses and how environmental forces impact our emotions and our abilities to process sensory-emotional information. 

Topics include:

  • What is sensory processing?
  • “Appropriate Responses”
  • The impact of Lack of Acceptance 
  • Trauma and the nervous system
  • Sensory v Emotional
  • Output v Input
  • The sensory-emotional jug
  • Autistic Sensitivity
  • What are senses?
  • Senses and Emotions


Length: 2 hours 37 mins

Once you have purchased our course on Autism and Sensory Processing it will be available for you to watch in your personalised AUsome account. You will always be able to access it, even after you have completed it.