Autism and Addiction

This online autism course is ideal for  social workers, mental health professionals, therapists, parents, carers and Autistic people themselves.

€25 includes access to recording and presentation slides


“Autistic People & Addictions – Another neglected mental health issue” Eoin Stephens, psychotherapist and autism informed trainer for mental health professionals will join Stiof MacAmhalghaidh for this explorative webinar on Autism and Addiction.
“I believe the “dual diagnosis” issue of people who are Autistic and who develop one or more serious addiction (to a substance such as alcohol or cannabis, or to a behaviour such as gambling, porn use, or gaming), is largely neglected by both by professionals in the field of addiction counselling and professionals whose role it is to support and help autistic people. I think the area is largely unexplored, apart from a few notable exceptions” Eoin Stephens.
This Autism and Addiction webinar is an opportunity to explore the relationship between Autistic people, mental health and addiction.  Living in a world which is not very kind to Autistic people has many negative effects on our health, behaviour and mental well being.
Recent research reveals that almost 50% Autistic adults experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We have extremely high levels of anxiety, stress and depression. These are often called “co-occuring” conditions but why are the levels of emotional and mental health conditions so high in the Autistic population? What is the relationship between all of this and addiction? Eoin and Stiof alongside Evaleen from AUsome Training will explore the relationship between living as an oppressed minority and addiction.

Eoin Stephens BA Psychology, MA Counselling (Cognitive Behavioural) now specialises in working with Autistic Adults  (or those who feel they may be autistic). Eoin has more than 30 years experience in the fields of Counselling/Psychotherapy, Mental Health & Disability, providing leadership in such areas as CBT, Autism-Informed Therapy, Addictive/Problematic Behaviours & Counselling/Psychotherapy Education. Eoin, like all our trainers is Autistic.


Stiof MacAmhalghaidh is an Autistic theorist and researchers and has developed the Munster Model of Autistic Living over the past 12 years. Stiof has presented at conferences both nationally and internationally on various topics relating to the Autistic experience


Who is this Autism and Addiction Course for ?

This course is ideal for  social workers, mental health professionals, therapists, parents, carers and Autistic people themselves.

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